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UKKO Picosecond Infrared (1064 nm) Fiber Laser

  • Company: Evolase Oy
  • Type: Fiber
  • Max. Power: 10W
  • Classification (IEC): Class 4
  • Wavelength: 1064nm
  • Operating Mode: Pulsed
  • Max. Pulse Rate: 20MHz
  • Max. Pulse Energy: 60µJ
  • Pulse Length: 50ps
  • Beam Diam.: 1mm
  • Beam Diverg.: 3mrad
  • TEM: 00
  • Active Laser Medium: Ytterbium
  • Applications: Industrial, Machining, Scientific Research, Other
  • Air Cooled: Yes
  • PRR From: 50 kHz–20 MHz
  • Msquare: <1.3
  • Average Power: >10W
  • PER: >15 dB

UKKO picosecond IR laser is ideal for material processing applications:
- High precision laser cleaning of glass
- Cutting of carbon fiber reinforced plastic
- Glass cutting and modification
- Laser ablation of high temperature materials
- Selective laser sintering of polymer powder
UKKO Picosecond Infrared (1064 nm) Fiber Laser

Evolase Oy
Kivipolku 1
56100 Ruokolahti
Phone: +358 40 705 4772
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