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V/VX2740 Waveform Digitizer

  • Company: CAEN Spa
  • Type: Equipment
  • Number of Analog Inputs: 64
  • Sampling Rate: 125 MS/s
  • Bin Resolution: 16 bit
  • ENOB: 11.7 (Typ)
  • Memory Size: 2.5 GB total DDR4
  • FPGA: Open

The VX2740 Digitizer is a 64-channel digital signal processor in VME64X form factor. It offers not only waveform digitization and recording but also multi-channel analysis for spectroscopy. A template of the firmware is available for customers who want to personalize the acquisition to implement custom algorithms for pulse processing in the open FPGA.

Via Vetraia 11
55049 Viareggio
Phone: +39 0584 388 398
Fax: +39 0584 388 959
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