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Visible/UV Optics

  • Company: Hardin Optical
  • Type: Lenses
  • Diameter / Dimension: 0mm - 300mm
  • Lens Category: Spherical Lens

Spherical and plano optical components in essentially every glass type. Specializes in fabricating precision optical components for both rapid prototyping and production applications, with grinding and polishing capabilities for precision lenses (flat and spherical), mirrors, prisms, windows, and metal optics.

Shapes & Configurations

-Spherical lenses up to 300mm in diam.
-Plano windows up to 350mm in diameter
-Powell Laser Line Generator
-Prisms and Prism Arrays

Diverse Materials
-Virtually All Optical Glasses
-Fused Silica
-Crystals Including CaF2, ZnS, SiC
-Metals Including Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Prototype to Production
-Partnering solution-based approach from initial concept to high volume production
-Engineering and design for manufacturability support
-Continuous improvement towards long term goals
-Focused execution to meet customer commitments
-Industry leading data packages
Visible/UV Optics

Hardin Optical
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