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Zoom 7000-2 Macro Lens System

  • Company: Navitar Inc.
  • Type: Lenses
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Industrial, Scientific Research
  • EFL (mm): 18.6 ~ 111 (6x)
  • Image Size (mm): 2/3” (Ø11)
  • F Stop: F2.5 ~ F16 (0.3 ~ infinity)

Navitar’s Zoom 7000-2 Macro Lens System is designed to deliver exceptional image quality for machine vision, industrial imaging, life science, and research applications. This versatile and close-focusing lens system features an 18-111 mm focal length with manual zoom, providing excellent magnification and image clarity. With a working distance ranging from 5” to infinity and parfocal capabilities across the entire zoom range, it ensures consistent focus and sharpness. Built to withstand challenging environments, it is compatible with sensors up to 2/3” or smaller, making it an ideal choice for detailed and precise imaging tasks.
Zoom 7000-2 Macro Lens System

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