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  • Company: Novanta Photonics, Precision Medicine & Manufacturing
  • Type: Solid-State
  • Classification (IEC): Class 4
  • Wavelength: 780nm - 830nm
  • Operating Mode: Pulsed
  • Output Power: >240 mW / 560 mW
  • Beam Diameter: 0.8 ± 0.3 mm
  • Beam Divergence: < 3 mrad
  • Pulse Duration: < 5.5 fs
  • Repetition Rate: 80 MHz

The venteon range of femtosecond oscillators uses ultra-short pulse laser technology and offers the shortest commercially available pulses at <5 fs (FTL), bandwidths >380 nm and average powers >900 mW. The compact monolithic design is optimized for low pump thresholds and contains an integrated pump laser. With long operational lifetimes, these instruments are highly reliable and extremely robust. All venteon oscillators show an exceptional stability and beam shape.

The venteon cavity exclusively uses DCM mirrors that are created by ion beam sputtering techniques to ensure unsurpassed phase control and pulses that approach the theoretical values available. Laser Quantum supports clarity in reporting pulse duration and we always detail whether our figures are theoretical values based on Fourier transform calculations, or actual measured durations using SPIDER technology and instrumentation.

Novanta Photonics, Precision Medicine & Manufacturing
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Bedford, MA 01730
United States
Phone: +1 781-266-5700
Toll-free: +1 800-342-3757
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