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DRS Daylight Solutions Inc.
DRS Daylight Solutions Inc. - San Diego, CA
Manufacturer of mid-IR lasers, sensors, and imaging systems for mid-IR applications including molecular spectroscopy, life sciences, remote sensing, process control, and defense and security. Laser performance spans 3 to 13 microns, with options for pulsed, CW, broadly tunable, narrow linewidth, rapid-scan, and high power output.
Custom Manufacturer
Boston Electronics Corp.
Boston Electronics Corp. - Brookline, MA
Supplies quantum cascade tunable IR lasers (3.3 to 17+ microns); UV and IR detectors; single-photon counting electronics and systems for single-molecule detection, FLIM, spectroscopy, diffuse optical tomography and laser radar. Also photon counting detectors and IR thermal sources, IR LED and UV LED.
AdTech Photonics Inc. - City of Industry, CA
Alpes Lasers SA - Saint-Blaise, Switzerland
Block Engineering - Southborough, MA
Forward Photonics LLC - Woburn, MA
MG Optical Solutions GmbH - Utting, Germany
mirSense - Orsay, France
nanoplus America Inc. - Boulder, CO
nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies GmbH - Meiningen, Germany
Pendar Technologies LLC - Cambridge, MA
QuantaSpec Inc. - Essex Junction, VT
  • diode laser A diode laser is a type of laser that uses a semiconductor diode as the active medium to generate coherent light. Semiconductor diodes are electronic devices that conduct electricity primarily in one direction and are commonly used in various...
  • Fabry-Perot laser A laser oscillator in which two mirrors are separated by an amplifying medium with an inverted population, making a Fabry-Perot cavity. Standard diode lasers are Fabry-Perot lasers.
  • distributed feedback laser A distributed feedback laser (DFB laser) is a type of semiconductor laser diode designed to emit coherent, narrow-bandwidth light with precise control over the wavelength. It achieves this through a structure that incorporates a grating within the...
  • quantum cascade laser A quantum cascade laser (QCL) is a type of semiconductor laser that operates based on the principles of quantum mechanics. It is a versatile and powerful device used for emitting coherent light in the mid-infrared to terahertz range of the...
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