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TelAztec LLC

Map15 A St.
Burlington, MA 01803
United States
Phone: +1 781-229-9905
RAR nano-textured optics are out of the lab and in the field!

TelAztec designs, prototypes, and manufactures surface relief microstructures that manipulate light. RAR, or Random Anti-Reflection, is a novel nanotechnology solution for reducing external reflections, via a graded index function and by utilizing a nano-texture etched directly into the bulk optical material. RAR provides all of the benefits listed below, including high optical performance with reflectance down to 0.01%, extreme broadband performance UV-NIR, no added absorption, and high laser damage thresholds relative to industry standard thin-film antireflection coatings.

•   CW LiDT >15MW/cm2
•   Pulsed LiDT >60 J/cm2
•   Single Material Option
•   Hydrocarbon Resistant
•   No Added Absorption
•   No Thermal Lensing
•   Ultra Broadband Performance (UV-IR)
•   Extreme Angular Performance (0-60°)
Many unique and useful optical functions can be realized by the fabrication of nanometer scale structures in the surface of an optic. RAR is readily available for fused silica optics, and TelAztec carries a wide variety of RAR nano-textured laser optic products including windows, lenses, fiber end caps, crystals, diffusers, and integrator rods. Optically functional nano-texture solutions for diamond, sapphire, and a wide range of IR materials are in development.

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Established: 2000
Employees: 11
Facility area (sq ft): 2500
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Douglas S. Hobbs, President
James P. Nole, Director of Business
Bruce MacLeod, Director of Manufacturing

Company News
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