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MapPoznanska 129/133
05-850 Ozarow Mazowiecki
Phone: +48 22 733 54 10
A photonic semiconductor company that has a complete front-end and back-end production line for semiconductor high capacity instruments:
  • epitaxy of materials made of compound semiconductors of
  •    o II-IV groups: Tellurium (Te), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg)
       o III-V groups: Indium (In), Arsenic (As), Gallium (Ga), Antimony (Sb) in the periodic table of elements

    detectors by vigo system sa
  • production of detector chips and lasers
  • assembly and integration with electronics.
The company provides ready-made and highly customized solutions dedicated for B2B clients, with a wide range of applications, including machines, infrastructure, environmental protection, and defense. Key customers of VIGO System can be found in: technology companies, system designers and integrators searching for new solutions, who get the useful, actionable information and discover new data driven insights by applying the company’s products.

For over three decades, all products have been designed and manufactured in-house, by means of our unique proprietary technology. The VIGO Photonics product line includes Epi-wafers, Infrared Detectors, and Infrared Detection Modules. The materials are characterized by excellent parameters and high uniformity. 

VIGO Photonics also holds its own modern measurement laboratories enabling rapid and very accurate measurements of the products and semi-finished products at each stage of the manufacturing process. 

A particularly important advantage of the company is its ability to combine Research & Development works in the field of IR technology with manufacturing activity, all in a close cooperation with the customer. 

detectors by vigo system sa
Application of VIGO Photonics products

The mid-infrared range enhances human senses with the ability to detect chemical compounds, temperature, size and distance to measured objects. It also enables detection of multiple vital signs and parameters of the human body, which is critical for future wearable sensors. VIGO Photonics’s photon detectors are commonly used in many industrial applications to provide quick, on-line measurement of temperature or chemical composition of gases and liquids, to control power or beam shape of industrial lasers, or to identify hazardous substances in air and water. VIGO Photonics’s detectors are often important components of many European most cutting-edge technologies and equipment.

modules by vigo system saThe detectors produced by the company are used in the world’s largest research centres as well as in the elaboration of advanced technical equipment with such applications as:
  • rail traffic safety (systems for the detection of malfunctions in the running gear of the high speed rail and fire detection systems),

  • environmental protection (measurement of the risk to the environment related to hazardous chemical substances, monitoring of emissions of hazardous substances into the air, air quality surveillance)

  • industrial use (industrial scanners to measure temperature distribution, industrial automation devices),

  • military use (missile guidance systems, alert systems detecting vehicle tracking with the use of laser beam),

  • safety (detecting explosive and hazardous substances, terrorist actions prevention systems, baggage contents control systems),

  • research and science (measurement of high-temperature plasma parameters in research into nuclear fusion, measurement of ultrashort pulses of infrared radiation emitted by lasers and synchrotrons, spectrometers to measure extremely low concentration of substances),

  • space industry (laser communication in open Space, measuring devices for space applications).
Established: 1987
Employees: 240
Facility area (sq ft): 81,000
Ownership type: Publicly Traded Stock
Adam Piotrowski, President of the Board
Rafal Kiss, Business Director
Artur Keblowski, R&D Director
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