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Optronic Laboratories LLC
Optronic Laboratories LLC - Orlando, FL
Manufacturer of high-grade light measurement equipment including LED test and measurement systems, spectroradiometers, integrating spheres, colorimeters, radiometers, photometers, and calibration standards and services.
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Radiant Vision Systems, Test & Measurement
Radiant Vision Systems, Test & Measurement - Redmond, WA
Develops integrated imaging solutions to enable automated visual inspection and measurement of light, color, and surfaces. Scientific-grade imaging colorimeters are used for production-quality inspection and R&D testing of displays, backlit components, LEDs, and other light sources, as well as overall manufacturing integrity.
Stock Manufacturer
Axometrics Inc. - Huntsville, AL
Eldim - Herouville-Saint-Clair, France
Gamma Scientific - San Diego, CA
Gigahertz-Optik GmbH - Tuerkenfeld, Germany
Great River Technology Inc. - Albuquerque, NM
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc. - Ramsey, NJ
Konica Minolta Sensing Europe BV - Warrington, United Kingdom
Microvision Systems - Fullerton, CA
  • cathode-ray tube A vacuum tube with an electron gun at one end and a fluorescent screen at the other. Electrons emitted from a heated filament are accelerated by a series of annular anodes at progressively higher positive voltages. The electron beam is then...
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