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Evanescent Optics Inc.
Evanescent Optics Inc. - Burlington, Canada
Manufacturer of polarization maintaining fiber optic couplers, WDMs, pump couplers, polarization splitters, interferometers, and noncontact displacement sensors.
Custom Manufacturer
Yangtze Optical Electronic Co. Ltd. (YOEC)
Yangtze Optical Electronic Co. Ltd. (YOEC) - Wuhan, China
A high-tech optoelectronic technology enterprise. R&D, production and sales of specialty optical fibers and cables, specialty optical devices, new materials, advanced equipment, and optoelectronic systems. Provides measurement calibration and testing services.
Stock Manufacturer
AeroDIODE - Talence, France
Agiltron Inc. - Woburn, MA
Beijing Rofea Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. - Beijing, China
Crisel Instruments srl - Rome, Italy
Cybel LLC - Bethlehem, PA
EOSPACE Inc. - Redmond, WA
Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd. - Kawasaki, Japan
Optilab LLC - Phoenix, AZ
Photonic Systems Inc. - Bedford, MA
Teledyne Micralyne - Edmonton, Canada
  • acousto-optic modulator A device that varies the amplitude and phase of a light beam; e.g., from a laser or by sound waves. Also known as a Bragg cell.
  • electro-optic modulator An electro-optic modulator (EOM) is a device used to modulate the amplitude, phase, or polarization of light waves using an external electrical signal. Electro-optic modulation is a fundamental technique employed in various optical communication,...
  • modulator A modulator is a device or component that modifies a carrier signal in order to encode information for transmission over a communication channel. The process of modulating involves varying one or more properties of the carrier signal, such as its...
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