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Acrolite - Elbridge, NY
Con-Tec Inc. - Naugatuck, CT
Fibercore - Southampton, United Kingdom
IBIS Electro-Products Corp. - Cambridge, Canada
Kientec Systems Inc. - Stuart, FL
Lifatec USA LLC - Elbridge, NY
Mass-Flex Research Inc. - Medford, MA
M.M. Newman Corp. - Marblehead, MA
Rosendahl Nextrom Oy - Vantaa, Finland
S.G. Controls Ltd. - Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • monocoil sheathing A type of tubing used to protect optical fiber cables, consisting of a wire spiral of aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel, encased in a polyvinyl chloride or silicon rubber coating. These sheathings are advantageous in the sense that they...
  • fiber optic cable A package for an optical fiber or fibers that may include cladding, buffering, strength members and an outer jacket.
  • cladding The low-refractive-index material that surrounds the core of an optical fiber to contain core light while protecting against surface contaminant scattering. In all-glass fibers, the cladding is glass. In plastic-clad silica fibers, the plastic...
  • jacket The outer material that surrounds and protects the buffered and unbuffered fibers in an optical cable.
  • optical fiber Optical fiber is a thin, flexible, transparent strand or filament made of glass or plastic used for transmitting light signals over long distances with minimal loss of signal quality. It serves as a medium for conveying information in the form of...
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