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Frankfurt Laser Company
Frankfurt Laser Company - Friedrichsdorf, Germany
Frankfurt Laser Company develops, produces, and distributes FP, DFB, and DBR laser diodes, laser diode arrays, VCSELs, and QCLs. Products include free-space, fiber-coupled, mid-IR, and superluminescent laser diode modules. Power range is 266 nm to 16 microns and 1 mW to 3000 W.
Custom ManufacturerSupplier/Distributor
Amplitude Laser Inc. - Milpitas, CA
Bright Solutions srl - Cura Carpignano, Italy
Canlas Laser Processing GmbH - Berlin, Germany
cericom GmbH - Minden, Germany
CryLaS GmbH - Berlin, Germany
DDC Technologies Inc. - Oceanside, NY
Elforlight Ltd. - Daventry, United Kingdom
Integrated Optics UAB - Vilnius, Lithuania
Japan Laser Corp. - Tokyo, Japan
Laser Resale Inc. - Loveland, CO
Laserglow Technologies - North York, Canada
LNA Laser Technology - Pawtucket, RI
Microvec Sp. z o.o. - Pinczow, Poland
Midwest Laser Products LLC - Frankfort, IL
Photonics Industries International Inc. - Ronkonkoma, NY
Quantel laser by Lumibird - Lannion, France
Skylark Lasers Ltd. - Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Teem Photonics - Meylan, France
Thales, Laser Solutions - Elancourt, France
  • YAG laser A solid-state laser using yttrium aluminum garnet as the matrix material, doped with neodymium (Nd:YAG).
  • solid-state laser A solid-state laser is a type of laser that uses a solid gain medium (as opposed to a liquid or gas) to produce coherent light. The term "solid-state" refers to the fact that the active medium, where the lasing action occurs, is a solid material....
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