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Amplitude Laser Inc. - Milpitas, CA
EKSPLA - Vilnius, Lithuania
MegaWatt Lasers Inc. - Hilton Head Island, SC
Optronics Technologies SA - Athens, Greece
Savitra Solutions, Laser Products Div. - Pune, India
Thales, Laser Solutions - Elancourt, France
  • neodymium glass Glass containing small quantities of neodymium oxide that is used as a filter plate in color television or as a lasing medium (Nd:glass) in solid-state lasers.
  • glass laser An optically pumped solid-state laser in which the active medium is a neodymium ion in a glass rod host. Abbreviated Nd:glass.
  • solid-state laser A solid-state laser is a type of laser that uses a solid gain medium (as opposed to a liquid or gas) to produce coherent light. The term "solid-state" refers to the fact that the active medium, where the lasing action occurs, is a solid material....
  • reflectivity The ratio of the intensity of the total radiation reflected from a surface to the total incident on that surface.
Nd:Glass Lasers Suppliersneodymium ion lasersSSLsolid-state laserssolid state lasershigh damage thresholdlow wavefront distortionlow scatteringhigh reflectivitymultilayerdielectric mirrors1.06 micrometersindustrialweldingmilitaryvelocimetrylasers

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