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Spawr Industries Inc., Optics Div.
Spawr Industries Inc., Optics Div. - Lake Havasu City, AZ
Designs and manufactures high power metal mirrors, passive and water-cooled copper, molybdenum tungsten, titanium, aluminum, and stainless-steel mirrors, metal mirror corner cubes, laser beam shaping systems, optical integrators, line image focusing modules, 100-plus-kW beam dumps, laser optics, small and large mirror mounts, and lightweight metal mirrors.
Stock ManufacturerCustom Manufacturer
DayOptics Inc.
DayOptics Inc. - Fuzhou, China
Founded in 2005, DayOptics is a leading integrated optical components manufacturer. Focusing on the field of optics, we are dedicated to establishing ourselves as a prominent brand known for reliable optical components. We specialize in the design, R&D, production, and sales of optical components such as wave plates, mirrors, PBS, crystals, filters, windows, prisms, lenses, and more.
Custom Manufacturer
FOCtek Photonics Inc.
FOCtek Photonics Inc. - Fuzhou, China
Precision optical components, polarization optics, crystals, assemblies, megapixel CCTV lenses, 20 MP machine vision lenses, and optical system solutions. Advanced measurement systems include Prism Master, spheric lens measurement systems, interferometers, and spectrophotometers. ISO 9001, IATF/TS16949, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 certified with SGS.
Custom Manufacturer
Lambda Research Optics Inc. (USA)
Lambda Research Optics Inc. (USA) - Costa Mesa, CA
Lambda Research Optics manufactures catalog and custom lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters, windows, prisms, filters, and polarizers for defense, commercial, and medical laser applications. Lambda specializes in high-power coatings for excimer, YAG, fiber, CO2 lasers, and FLIR coatings. Precision polishing of CaF2, MgF2, BK7, fused silica, ZnSe, Ge, and Si.
Custom Manufacturer
Rainbow Research Optics LLC
Rainbow Research Optics LLC - Centennial, CO
Manufacturer of precision optical components and high-power laser coatings from UV to IR. Stock and custom optics: lenses, beamsplitters, filters, windows, mirrors, wave plates, large wedges, prisms, and many more. In-house custom coatings: AR, high reflection, dichroic, and polarizing. Optics from 4 mm to 16 inches.
Stock ManufacturerCustom ManufacturerSupplier/DistributorDesigner
Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI)
Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI) - Lafayette, CO
Founded in 1957, RMI designs and manufactures precision optics and coatings. Our technical expertise include laser optics from DUV to Far IR; IR optics including high output diamond turning; and custom optical assemblies. We have proven experience in solutions for aerospace/defense, life science, medical, semiconductor, industrial, and research markets.
Custom Manufacturer
SORL/Space Optics Research Labs LLC
SORL/Space Optics Research Labs LLC - Merrimack, NH
Manufactures stock and custom off-axis parabolic mirrors. Flat, spherical, and aspheric mirrors in ceramic, glass and metal, precision mirror mounts; reflective beam expanders, collimators, FLIR test stations, lidar telescopes; Fourier transform systems, IR lens assemblies and a LUPI-IIA interferometer. Engineering, design, and field services.
Custom Manufacturer
Spectrum Scientific Inc. (SSI)
Spectrum Scientific Inc. (SSI) - Irvine, CA
Spectrum Scientific, Inc. (SSI) is a high volume manufacturer of aspheric and freeform mirrors, hollow retroreflectors, and holographic diffraction gratings. Our optical replication process allows us to supply high fidelity, highly repeatable precision optics.
Custom Manufacturer
Inrad Optics Inc.
Inrad Optics Inc. - Northvale, NJ
Inrad Optics is a vertically integrated manufacturer specializing in glass, crystal, and metal based optical components and assemblies. Manufacturing capabilities include precision optical surfacing, precision diamond turning, large substrate handling, optical contacting processes, thin film coatings, and high resolution in-process metrology.
Custom Manufacturer
3photon Ltd. - Vilnius, Lithuania
Aero Research Associates Inc. - Holbrook, NY
AMF Optical Solutions LLC - Woburn, MA
Astro Optics Pvt. Ltd. - Mumbai, India
Beijing Delfa Optoelectronics Inc. - Beijing, China
Changchun DeLn Optics Technology Co. Ltd. - Changchun, China
CMM Optic - Troy, MI
Colorado Precision Products Inc. - Boulder, CO
Diffractive Optics Ltd. - Shatin, China
Eastoptics Inc. - Fuzhou, China
G5 Infrared LLC - Hudson, NH
Hampton Optics - Wendel, PA
Hardric Laboratories Inc. - Hudson, NH
Infrared Optics Pvt. Ltd. - Faridabad, India
Innovation Photonics - Verona, NJ
Lasertec Inc. - Bradenton, FL
LBP Optics Ltd. - Biggleswade, United Kingdom
LT Ultra-Precision Technology GmbH - Herdwangen-Schoenach, Germany
Maier Photonics Inc. - Manchester Center, VT
Manasota Optics Inc. - Sarasota, FL
Materion Performance Materials - Elmore, OH
Millpond ApS - Farum, Denmark
Optics In Motion LLC - Long Beach, CA
Optiforms Inc. - Temecula, CA
Opto-Line International Inc. - Wilmington, MA
Pleiger Laseroptik GmbH & Co. KG - Witten, Germany
PRC Laser Europe NV - Oudenaarde, Belgium
SPACEOPTIX GmbH - Jena, Germany
Surface Finishes - Addison, IL
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