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APE Angewandte Physik & Elektronik GmbH - Berlin, Germany
APE Applied Physics & Electronics Inc. - Vancouver, WA
Batop GmbH - Jena, Germany
Brimrose Corp. of America - Sparks, MD
Crystrong Photonics Technology Co. Ltd. - Jinan, China
IntraAction Corp. - Bellwood, IL
MVM Electronics Inc. - Melbourne, FL
Necsel IP Inc. - Pennington, NJ
  • mode-locked lasers Mode-locking is a technique used in lasers to produce ultrashort pulses of light with durations on the order of picoseconds, femtoseconds, or even attoseconds. This method synchronizes the phases of different longitudinal modes within the laser...
  • mode locking Mode locking is a technique used in optics and laser physics to generate short pulses of light with extremely high peak powers. In mode locking, the phases of different longitudinal modes (specific frequencies or wavelengths) of a laser cavity are...
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