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AFO Research Inc. - Vero Beach, FL
C4 Technology LLC - Boise, ID
CFD Research Corp. - Huntsville, AL
Creative Microsystems Corp. - Waitsfield, VT
Double Helix Optics - Boulder, CO
Meliorum Technologies Inc. - Rochester, NY
Paton Hawksley Education Ltd. - Bristol, United Kingdom
Rigaku Innovative Technologies Inc. - Auburn Hills, MI
  • nano An SI prefix meaning one billionth (10-9). Nano can also be used to indicate the study of atoms, molecules and other structures and particles on the nanometer scale. Nano-optics (also referred to as nanophotonics), for example, is the study of how...
  • optics Optics is the branch of physics that studies the behavior and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and its manifestation as both particle and wave phenomena. It encompasses the study of the generation, propagation,...
  • near-field scanning A measurement technique used to determine the spatial distribution profile of an electrical or optical quantity of interest which is provided by multiple scans within the near-field region of a component or device under test. In optics, this...
  • nanotechnology The use of atoms, molecules and molecular-scale structures to enhance existing technology and develop new materials and devices. The goal of this technology is to manipulate atomic and molecular particles to create devices that are thousands of...
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