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Labsphere Inc. - North Sutton, NH
LightLab International Pty. Ltd. - Clontarf, Australia
PRC Krochmann - Berlin, Germany
Westboro Photonics - Ottawa, Canada
  • photometric sphere
  • integrating sphere A hollow sphere coated internally with a white diffusing material and provided with openings for incident beam, specimen and detector used for measuring the diffuse reflectance or transmittance of objects.
  • photometry Photometry is the branch of science that deals with the measurement of light, particularly in terms of its intensity and the way the human eye perceives it. It involves the quantification of visible light and its characteristics, such as brightness...
  • diffuser An optical diffuser is an optical component or material designed to scatter or diffuse light that passes through it. It is used to create a more even or uniform illumination, reduce glare, or soften the appearance of harsh, direct light. Optical...
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