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Agilent Technologies Inc., Chemical Analysis - Santa Clara, CA
Ciencia Inc. - Mansfield Center, CT
CRAIC Technologies - San Dimas, CA
DeNovix Inc. - Wilmington, DE
Eastern Applied Research Inc. - Lockport, NY
Equitech Int'l Corp. - Indian Trail, NC
FLIM LABS Srl - Rome, Italy
JASCO Inc. - Easton, MD
NIREOS - Milan, Italy
Rigaku Americas Corp. - The Woodlands, TX
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc. - Columbia, MD
StellarNet Inc. - Tampa, FL
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Madison, WI
  • fluorescence Fluorescence is a type of luminescence, which is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation. Specifically, fluorescence involves the absorption of light at one wavelength and the subsequent...
  • fluorescence spectroscopy The spectroscopic study of radiation emitted by the process of fluorescence.
  • spectrophotometer A spectrophotometer is a scientific instrument used to measure the intensity of light at various wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, typically in the visible and ultraviolet regions. It is commonly employed in various fields such as...
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