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ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd. - Reading, United Kingdom
Analytik Jena US LLC - Tewksbury, MA
Apogee Instruments Inc. - Logan, UT
AquiSense Technologies - Erlanger, KY
Channel Systems Inc. - Pinawa, Canada
EIT LLC - Leesburg, VA
Elcometer Inc. - Warren, MI
G & R Labs Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Gigahertz-Optik GmbH - Tuerkenfeld, Germany
B. Hagner AB - Solna, Sweden
Kipp & Zonen BV - Delft, Netherlands
Ladd Research Industries - Essex Junction, VT
Measuring Instruments Technology - Pretoria, South Africa
Opsytec Dr. Groebel GmbH - Ettlingen, Germany
optek-Danulat Inc. - Germantown, WI
Solatell Ltd. - Croydon, United Kingdom
Spectronics Corp., Spectroline - Melville, NY
Star Tech Instruments Inc. - New Fairfield, CT
Summers Optical - Hatfield, PA
UVFAB Systems Inc. - Walnut Creek, CA
  • ultraviolet That invisible region of the spectrum just beyond the violet end of the visible region. Wavelengths range from 1 to 400 nm.
  • ultraviolet lens A microscope used either to detect selective absorption of various wavelengths by the specimen or to achieve increased resolution by virtue of the short wavelength of ultraviolet radiation. Electron microscopy has replaced practically all...
  • ultraviolet spectrometer A spectrophotometer designed for use in the 200- to 380-nm range of the electromagnetic spectrum and equipped with a calibrated scale to determine wavelength.
  • vacuum ultraviolet detector A device that serves to detect the presence of vacuum ultraviolet radiation. It may be photographic film, a thermopile, ion chamber, vacuum photodiode, photomultiplier or channel electron multiplier.
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