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Optical Testing Instruments

An optical testing instrument is a device or system used to evaluate and measure the performance, quality, and characteristics of optical components, systems, and devices. Optical testing instruments enable engineers, technicians, and researchers to assess optical parameters such as transmission, reflection, absorption, polarization, dispersion, and wavefront aberrations. They provide quantitative and qualitative data to ensure that optical systems meet design specifications, performance requirements, and regulatory standards. Learn more about optical testing instruments →

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Optikos Corporation
Optikos Corporation - Wakefield, MA
The Optical Engineering Experts - Optikos offers a distinctive set of products and services for optical problem solving: select standard or custom products for testing optics at your facility; send us your optical systems for IQ Lab testing services; or work with our engineers on optically-based product development from concept through manufacturing.
Stock ManufacturerCustom ManufacturerDesigner
DataRay Inc.
DataRay Inc. - Redding, CA
DataRay Inc. was founded in 1988 with a mission to advance the technology of laser beam analysis. We develop standard and custom laser beam characterization solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our product portfolio consists of beam profiling cameras, scanning slit beam profilers, specialized beam profilers, and laser profiling accessories.
Stock Manufacturer
Vermont Photonics Technologies Corp.
Vermont Photonics Technologies Corp. - Dummerston, VT
US distributor for Moeller-Wedel Optical GmbH. Optical test, metrology, and quality control equipment: ELCOMAT electronic autocollimators, GONIOMAT electronic goniometers, custom electronic autocollimators, visual autocollimators, collimators, alignment telescopes, dioptometers, spherometers, focometers, interferometers, and refractometers.
Custom ManufacturerSupplier/Distributor
Zygo Corporation
Zygo Corporation - Middlefield, CT
Specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced optical metrology instruments and systems, ultraprecise optical components and assemblies, and providing electro-optical design and manufacturing services.
Stock Manufacturer
AOM - Arizona Optical Metrology
AOM - Arizona Optical Metrology - Tucson, AZ
Provides measurement solutions for optical surfaces and systems. Custom metrology for measuring surface figure error, precision alignment, and transmitted wavefront error. Products include computer-generated holograms (CGHs) for interferometric measurement of aspheric and freeform surfaces, mechanics, and accessories for enabling CGH measurements.
Custom ManufacturerSupplier/DistributorDesigner
Alnair Labs Corp. - Tokyo, Japan
Ann Arbor Optical Co. - Hamburg Township, MI
Anritsu Co. - Allen, TX
Anritsu Ltd. - Luton, United Kingdom
Aragon Photonics Labs SLU - Zaragoza, Spain
Armstrong Optical Ltd. - Northampton, United Kingdom
ATAGO U.S.A. Inc. - Bellevue, WA
Bola Technologies - Stateline, NV
Bristol Instruments Inc. - Victor, NY
Chronos Photonics - Orlando, FL
Continental Resources (ConRes), Test and Measurement - Bedford, MA
COTSWORKS LLC - Highland Heights, OH
Data Optics Inc. - Ypsilanti, MI
Eckhardt Optics LLC - Hugo, MN
Eldim - Herouville-Saint-Clair, France
EssentOptics Europe UAB - Vilnius, Lithuania
Fibre Technologies Ltd. - Crowthorne, United Kingdom
Filmetrics, KLA Instruments - San Diego, CA
FISBA North America - Portland, ME
HGH Infrared Systems - Igny, France
HGH USA - Goleta, CA
Hinds Instruments Inc. - Hillsboro, OR
ID Photonics GmbH - Neubiberg, Germany
Labsphere Inc. - North Sutton, NH
Lombardo Technical Services (LTS) - Santa Barbara, CA
Luna Innovations Inc. - Roanoke, VA
MegaPhase LLC - Stroudsburg, PA
Metrology Concepts - Rochester, NY
Mitutoyo America Corp. - Aurora, IL
Moeller-Wedel Optical GmbH - Wedel, Germany
Montana Instruments - Bozeman, MT
MPositioning Co. Ltd. - Guangzhou, China
Newport - ILX Lightwave, Photonics - Bozeman, MT
OEG GmbH - Frankfurt, Germany
OgMentum Inc. - Stateline, NV
Opteon Oy - Piikkio, Finland
Optical Perspectives Group LLC - Tucson, AZ
Optics Valley Metering & Calibration Co. Ltd. - Wuhan, China
Opto System Co. Ltd. - Kyoto, Japan
Optocraft GmbH - Erlangen, Germany
Phasics SA - Saint Aubin, France
Polytec GmbH - Waldbronn, Germany
Santec Canada Corp. - Ottawa, Canada
Satisloh North America Inc. - Germantown, WI
Schenk Vision - Woodbury, MN

  • optical testing Refers to a variety of methods and tools used to determine the surface contour and performance of optical components and systems.
  • optical testing instrument An optical testing instrument is a device or system used to evaluate and measure the performance, quality, and characteristics of optical components, systems, and devices. These instruments play a crucial role in the development, manufacturing, and...
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