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Yelo Limited
Yelo Limited - Carrickfergus, United Kingdom
Yelo designs and builds burn-in, life-test and characterization systems for probed devices such as VCSEL arrays, laser arrays, APDs, chip-on carrier devices including photonics integrated circuits (lasers, amplifiers, modulators, photodiodes, thermistors), SOAs, laser arrays, PIN photodiodes, VCSEL TO headers, miniDILs, and butterfly packages.
Stock ManufacturerCustom ManufacturerDesigner
Wavelength Electronics Inc. - Bozeman, MT
Advanced Energy Industries Inc. - Denver, CO
Advanced Technical Marketing (ATM) - Parsippany, NJ
Arroyo Instruments LLC - San Luis Obispo, CA
Asynt Inc. - Alameda, CA
Asynt Ltd. - Isleham, United Kingdom
Bioscience Tools - San Diego, CA
CAS Dataloggers - Chesterland, OH
Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. - Vernon Hills, IL
Covesion Ltd. - Southampton, United Kingdom
Cryo Industries of America Inc. - Manchester, NH
Delta OHM - Padova, Italy
Durex Industries - Cary, IL
Dwyer Instruments LLC - Michigan City, IN
Elite Thermal Engineering LLC - Bothell, WA
Far Associates - Macedonia, OH
Fluke Corp. - Everett, WA
Glas-Col LLC - Terre Haute, IN
HC Photonics Corp. - Hsinchu, Taiwan
Hormes LLC - New York, NY
Instrumart - South Burlington, VT
Interherence GmbH - Erlangen, Germany
Julabo GmbH - Seelbach, Germany
Julabo UK Ltd. - Stamford, United Kingdom
Julabo USA Inc. - Allentown, PA
KELK Ltd. - Hiratsuka, Japan
Laird Thermal Systems - Morrisville, NC
Lake Shore Cryotronics - Westerville, OH
Maiman Electronics SL - Castelldefels, Spain
Mokon - Buffalo, NY
Mydax Inc. - Auburn, CA
Newport - ILX Lightwave, Photonics - Bozeman, MT
Nor-Cal Products Inc. - Yreka, CA
Phononic Inc. - Durham, NC
Process Technology - Willoughby, OH
PSE Technology - Berthoud, CO
Quantum Northwest Inc. - Liberty Lake, WA
RedWave Labs Ltd. - Didcot, United Kingdom
Selco Products Co. - Reno, NV
Solid State Cooling Systems - Wappingers Falls, NY
Thermal Care Inc. - Niles, IL
Tystar Corp. - Garden Grove, CA
Vescent Photonics LLC - Golden, CO
Weschler Instruments - Cleveland, OH
World Star Technologies - Markham, Canada
  • temperature-sensitive coating A coating having pigments that change color when exposed to heat. This effect has been widely used to monitor hot spots in mechanical parts.
  • color temperature meter A device containing two photocells behind deep red and blue filters to measure color temperatures. The amplifier gain is adjusted to give a set reading of one photocell; the reading of the other is a measure of color temperature.
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