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Mad City Labs Inc.
Mad City Labs Inc. - Madison, WI
Designs and manufactures piezo nanopositioning systems and nanoscale precision instruments for metrology, photonics, astronomy, and microscopy. Closed loop nanopositioners with low noise, high stability PicoQ sensors. Products include piezo nanopositioners, single molecule microscopes, high precision micropositioning, AFM, and custom design.
Stock Manufacturer
Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc.
Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc. - Eugene, OR
Manufacturer of precise closed-loop XY stages, Z drives, piezo stages, and other precision positioning equipment; and light sheet microscopes and custom microscope/optics. Works directly with end users and OEMs to provide stock products and custom solutions. Products are designed for long life under demanding applications.
Custom ManufacturerDesigner
Sutter Instrument Company
Sutter Instrument Company - Novato, CA
Manufactures precision devices for scientific research and industrial OEM. Products include optical beam combiners, high-power LED, xenon light sources, high-speed wavelength switchers and shutters, multi-photon microscopes, translation systems, motorized stages, manipulators, electrophysiology amplifier systems, and micropipette pullers.
Stock Manufacturer
Thorlabs Inc.
Thorlabs Inc. - Newton, NJ
Vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of photonics equipment for research, industry, life science, biomedical, and defense applications. Offerings include optomechanics, motion control, optics, fiber and fiber processing systems, light analysis, lasers and SLDs, optical amplifiers, imaging components, and microscopy systems.
Stock Manufacturer
ACCU-SCOPE Inc. - Commack, NY
Augmentiqs - Misgav, Israel
Brinkman Precision Inc. - West Henrietta, NY
Brook-Anco Corp. - Cicero, NY
BTG - Bulbtronics Group - Farmingdale, NY
Buehler - Lake Bluff, IL
Cargille-Sacher Laboratories - Cedar Grove, NJ
Crisel Instruments srl - Rome, Italy
Dino-Lite Microscopes - Torrance, CA
Edge-3D - Paia, HI
Evident - Webster, TX
Evident - Waltham, MA
Geller Microanalytical Laboratory Inc. - Topsfield, MA
Harrick Scientific Products Inc. - Pleasantville, NY
Imina Technologies SA - Cugy, Switzerland
Intelligent Imaging Innovations Inc. (3i) - Denver, CO
Interherence GmbH - Erlangen, Germany
Ladd Research Industries - Essex Junction, VT
LECO Corp. - Saint Joseph, MI
Leica Microsystems GmbH - Wetzlar, Germany
M&I Materials Ltd., Apiezon Products - Manchester, United Kingdom
Meiji Techno America - San Jose, CA
The Microscope Depot - Woodland, CA
NanoImages - Lafayette, CA
Nanosurf AG - Liestal, Switzerland
Omex Technologies Inc. - Wheeling, IL
Opto GmbH - Neuried, Germany
Prescott's Inc. - Monument, CO
Raj Overseas - Ahmedabad, India
Rapp OptoElectronic - Wedel, Germany
Spectra Services Inc. - Ontario, NY
Technospex Pte. Ltd. - Singapore, Singapore
Tofra Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Tucsen Photonics Co. Ltd. - Fuzhou, China
View Solutions Inc. - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Vincent Associates - Rochester, NY
Vision Engineering Inc. - New Milford, CT
Vision Engineering Ltd. - Woking, United Kingdom
  • microscope An instrument consisting essentially of a tube 160 mm long, with an objective lens at the distant end and an eyepiece at the near end. The objective forms a real aerial image of the object in the focal plane of the eyepiece where it is observed by...
  • eyepiece Also known as ocular. The lens system used between the final real image in a visual optical system and eye. It acts as an image magnifier. Many types of eyepieces are known; e.g., the Huygens used in microscopes, the Ramsden in surveying...
  • lens A lens is a transparent optical device that focuses or diverges light, allowing it to pass through and form an image. Lenses are commonly used in optical systems, such as cameras, telescopes, microscopes, eyeglasses, and other vision-correcting...
  • filter 1. With respect to radiation, a device used to attenuate particular wavelengths or frequencies while passing others with relatively no change. 2. See digital filter.
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