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Spectrogon US Inc.
Spectrogon US Inc. - Mountain Lakes, NJ
Designer and manufacturer of interference filters: narrow and broad bandpass, long- and shortwave, ND filters, atmospheric windows, AR and metallic coatings. Holographic diffraction gratings: plano, concave and blazed, pulse compression/stretcher gratings. WDM and telecom applications include diode laser tuning gratings and network communications gratings.
1 product
Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH
Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH - Jena, Germany
Develops, produces, and distributes optical gratings, spectrometer modules, spectrometer systems, and solutions of high quality optical performance. Products are tailored to customers' specific needs. Offers innovative solutions for individual applications and create essential benefits in efficiency and process stability.
2 products
MKS/Newport - Franklin, MA
MKS/Newport designs and manufactures high performance optical filters and replicated mirrors in the UV, VIS, and NIR. Filters include bandpass, dichroic, edge, fluorescence, neutral density, and notch filters, as well as optomechanical and electro-optical assemblies based on filter technology. Mirrors include retroreflector, aspheric, and spherical.
1 product
OPCO Laboratory Inc.
OPCO Laboratory Inc. - Fitchburg, MA
Manufacturer of custom optics, optical replication, diffraction gratings, electro-optical assemblies, metallic and dielectric thin-film coatings for prototype and volume production. State-of-the-art manufacturing, coating, QC, assembly and class 1000 cleanrooms. Serving commercial and defense markets worldwide.
9 products
Spectrum Scientific Inc. (SSI)
Spectrum Scientific Inc. (SSI) - Irvine, CA
Spectrum Scientific, Inc. (SSI) is a high volume manufacturer of aspheric and freeform mirrors, hollow retroreflectors, and holographic diffraction gratings. Our optical replication process allows us to supply high fidelity, highly repeatable precision optics.
3 products
Optometrics Corp.
Optometrics Corp. - Littleton, MA
Supplier of specialized optical components and subassemblies for wavelength selection. 400 masters available for optical replication, a capacity to produce 500,000 precision replicated optics and with R&D, engineering, and manufacturing under one roof for custom and OEM applications.
8 products
LightTrans International GmbH
LightTrans International GmbH - Jena, Germany
LightTrans offers solutions for the entire development cycle of optical components where progressive simulation technology shows its advantages in designing optical components, complex systems, detailed modeling, and more. All products and services are based on the optical modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion.
5 products
Headwall Photonics Inc.
Headwall Photonics Inc. - Bolton, MA
Design and manufacture of application-specific hyperspectral imaging systems for OEMs and end-users. Product groups: remote sensing, machine vision, optical components (master-quality holographic gratings, and light and compact optical modules with high spatial and spectral resolution). Spectral ranges from UV-VIS and VNIR to NIR and SWIR.
3 products
DayOptics Inc.
DayOptics Inc. - Fuzhou, China
Founded in 2005, DayOptics is a leading integrated optical components manufacturer. Focusing on the field of optics, we are dedicated to establishing ourselves as a prominent brand known for reliable optical components. We specialize in the design, R&D, production, and sales of optical components such as wave plates, mirrors, PBS, crystals, filters, windows, prisms, lenses, and more.
17 products
DK Photonics Technology Limited
DK Photonics Technology Limited - Shenzhen, China
Manufacturer of high quality optical passive components. DK Photonics produces a large array of fiber optic components such as 1064 nm high power isolator, MM pump combiner, pump laser protector, used for high power fiber laser applications. Also offers PM fiber pump combiner for ultrafast fiber laser applications.
4 products
Excelitas Technologies Corp.
Excelitas Technologies Corp. - Waltham, MA
Excelitas Technologies Corp. is an industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions to meet the illumination, optical, optronic, sensing, detection and imaging needs of our OEM and end-user customers.
5 products
HTA Photomask
HTA Photomask - Las Vegas, NV
Supplier of precision photomasks, microlithography, photomask tooling, contact printing, emulsion, chrome and see-through masks, laser written optical components, encoders, optical parts, mask design, precision cutting of glass or silicon, and CAD services. Fast turn services.
1 product
TelAztec LLC
TelAztec LLC - Burlington, MA
Antireflection nanotextures etched directly into the bulk optical material providing high optical performance with R down to 0.01%; extreme broadband performance UV-NIR, no added absorption, high laser damage threshold. Available in fused silica, diamond, sapphire, and a wide range of IR materials.
20 products
Advanced Fiber Resources (Zhuhai) Ltd. - Zhuhai, China
Advanced Optics Solutions GmbH - Dresden, Germany
Advanced Photonics International Inc. - Fairfield, CT
Albrighter Technology Co. Ltd. - Tianjin, China
Alrad Instruments Ltd. - Newbury, United Kingdom
Ann Arbor Optical Co. - Hamburg Township, MI
Ascentta Inc. - Somerset, NJ
AtGrating Technologies Co. Ltd. - Shenzhen, China
BEAM Engineering for Advanced Measurements Co. - Orlando, FL
Creative Microsystems Corp. - Waitsfield, VT
DIOPTIC GmbH - Weinheim, Germany
engionic Femto Gratings GmbH - Goslar, Germany
Eulitha AG - Kirchdorf, Switzerland
Exail - Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
FBGS Technologies GmbH - Jena, Germany
FORC-Photonics - Moscow, Russia
Gage-Line Technology Inc. - Rochester, NY
Gentec Electro-Optics Inc. - Quebec, Canada
Graticules Optics Ltd. - Tonbridge, United Kingdom
Gurley Precision Instruments Inc. - Troy, NY
HBK FiberSensing S.A., Optical Business - Maia, Portugal
Hellma USA Inc. - Plainview, NY
Holographix LLC - Marlborough, MA
HORIBA UK Ltd. - Northampton, United Kingdom
Hunan DayOptics Co. Ltd. - Changsha, China
Ibsen Photonics A/S - Farum, Denmark
IMT Masken und Teilungen AG - Greifensee, Switzerland
Inprentus - Champaign, IL
ITF Technologies - Montreal, Canada
Lumoscribe Ltd. - Paphos, Cyprus
Medway Optics Ltd. - Rainham, United Kingdom
Micronor Sensors Inc. - Ventura, CA
MKS/Newport - Rochester, NY
Nanografix Corp. - San Diego, CA
Necsel IP Inc. - Pennington, NJ
NIL Technology - Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
O/E Land Inc. - Montreal, Canada

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