Photonics Dictionary

2D profile sensor

A 2D profile sensor is a type of sensor used in various industrial and technological applications to measure and capture detailed information about the shape, contour, or profile of an object in two dimensions. These sensors use various technologies, such as laser, structured light, or other imaging techniques, to create a two-dimensional representation of an object's surface or the features within a specific field of view. The captured data can be used for purposes such as quality control, inspection, dimensional analysis, and automation in manufacturing processes.

2D profile sensors typically work by projecting a light source onto the object's surface and then capturing the reflections or distortions of that light using a sensor. The resulting data is processed to generate a detailed profile of the object, including its height, width, and any surface irregularities or features. These sensors are commonly used in industries like automotive manufacturing, electronics, robotics, and logistics for tasks such as inspecting and measuring parts, detecting defects, and guiding robotic systems.

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