Photonics Dictionary


An electromagnon is a quasiparticle excitation that combines aspects of both magnetism and electric polarization in a crystal lattice. Specifically, it refers to a collective excitation of spins and electric dipoles in a multiferroic material. Multiferroics are materials that simultaneously exhibit both magnetic and ferroelectric (electric polarization) properties.

The electromagnon arises from the coupling between magnetic and ferroelectric order parameters in certain materials. When an electromagnon is excited, it involves a simultaneous oscillation of both the magnetic order (spin waves or magnons) and the electric polarization in the crystal. This coupling leads to a dynamic interaction between the magnetic and electric properties of the material.

The study of electromagnons is important in the field of multiferroics and is relevant to the development of multifunctional materials with potential applications in novel electronic and spintronic devices. The coupling between magnetic and electric degrees of freedom in electromagnons opens up possibilities for controlling both magnetic and electric properties in a single material, which could have implications for information storage, processing, and other technological applications.

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