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Retroreflection is a phenomenon in optics where light is reflected back toward its source, typically in a direction nearly parallel to the direction from which it originated. This occurs due to the specific geometry of reflective surfaces that cause incident light to be redirected back along its incoming path.

Key points about retroreflection:

Corner-cube prisms: Retroreflection is commonly achieved using optical devices known as corner-cube prisms. These prisms have three mutually perpendicular reflective surfaces arranged in a cube-like configuration. When light enters the prism and strikes one of the surfaces, it undergoes multiple internal reflections, ultimately being directed back toward the light source.

Reflective materials: Retroreflective materials, such as those used in road signs, license plates, and safety apparel, are designed to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. These materials contain microscopic reflective elements, such as glass beads or microprisms, that cause incident light to retroreflect.

Safety applications: Retroreflection is widely employed in safety applications to enhance visibility and recognition. For example, retroreflective elements on road signs and lane markings help drivers see and interpret information at night when illuminated by headlights.

Retroreflective tapes: Retroreflective tapes are commonly used on clothing, bicycles, and other objects to improve visibility in the dark. These tapes contain retroreflective materials that bounce light back toward its source.

Cat's eye reflectors: Road markers known as cat's eyes or road studs often incorporate retroreflective elements. These markers, embedded in road surfaces, reflect incident light from vehicle headlights, providing guidance and improving road visibility.

Photography and optical instruments: Retroreflectors are used in various optical instruments and experiments. For instance, retroreflectors placed on the Moon have been utilized in laser ranging experiments to measure the distance between the Earth and the Moon with high precision.

Retroreflection is a practical and valuable optical phenomenon with widespread applications in enhancing visibility, safety, and navigation, particularly in situations where low-light conditions or darkness may impede visibility.

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