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Thermal-Infrared Cameras

A thermal-infrared camera, often referred to simply as a thermal camera, is a type of imaging device that detects infrared radiation emitted by objects due to their temperature. Unlike traditional cameras, which capture visible light, thermal cameras operate in the infrared spectrum, allowing them to visualize differences in temperature of objects and environments. Learn more about thermal-infrared cameras →

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Optris Infrared Sensing LLC
Optris Infrared Sensing LLC - Portsmouth, NH
Optris is a leader in the field of noncontact temperature measurement with a full line of pyrometers and infrared cameras developed to support industrial automation and research applications. We design high quality, accurate, and innovative infrared temperature measurement solutions for research and process applications.
Stock ManufacturerSupplier/Distributor
1 product
Telops Inc.
Telops Inc. - Quebec, Canada
Supplier of high-performance scientific IR cameras and hyperspectral imagers for the defense, industrial, and academic research industries. Also offers R&D services for optical system technology development.
Custom Manufacturer
4 products
MoviTHERM, Thermography Solutions
MoviTHERM, Thermography Solutions - Irvine, CA
FLIR distributor and systems integrator. Sells thermal cameras for online, remote monitoring, and automated thermal imaging applications. Offers products for infrared nondestructive test equipment.
3 products
Sensors Unlimited Inc.
Sensors Unlimited Inc. - Princeton, NJ
Sensors Unlimited is a supplier of InGaAs technology, products, and shortwave-infrared imaging solutions. Products built on our InGaAs platforms are SWIR 2D area cameras, 1D line-scan cameras, and linear photodiode arrays.
Stock Manufacturer
10 products
Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd.
Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd. - Oulu, Finland
Specim is a pioneer and leading supplier of hyperspectral imaging solutions with the broadest camera portfolio covering wavelengths from VNIR to LWIR, spectrographs, software, and accessories. Our product's scalability allows customers to develop solutions with less technical skills and faster turnaround time. ISO 9001 certified.
Stock Manufacturer
9 products
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components - Waterloo, Canada
Teledyne DALSA is a part of Teledyne's Vision Solutions group and a leader in the design, manufacture, and deployment of digital imaging components for machine vision. Teledyne DALSA image sensors, cameras, smart cameras, frame grabbers, software, and vision solutions are at the heart of thousands of inspection systems around the world.
Stock Manufacturer
11 products
ADOS-tech UAB - Vilnius, Lithuania
Advanced Energy Industries Inc. - Denver, CO
AIM Infrared-Module GmbH - Heilbronn, Germany
Allied Vision Technologies Inc. - Exton, PA
American Infrared Solutions (AIRS) - Hudson, NH
AMETEK Land - Dronfield, United Kingdom
AMETEK Land, Process and Analytical Instruments - Pittsburgh, PA
Armstrong Optical Ltd. - Northampton, United Kingdom
Bertin Corp. - Rockville, MD
Bock Optronics Inc. - Toronto, Canada
CANON MEDICAL COMPONENTS U.S.A., Video Sensing Devices - Irvine, CA
Cooper Vision Technologies Inc. - Greely, Canada
DIAS Infrared Corp. - West Boylston, MA
Digital Direct IR Inc. - Fresh Meadows, NY
Eklund Infrared Inc. - Marietta, GA
Eluox Automation - Chengdu, China
Etronika Sp. z o.o. - Warsaw, Poland
Exosens SAS - Merignac, France
Focuz Manufacturing Co. Ltd. - Klongluang, Thailand
FOTRIC - Dallas, TX
Graftek Imaging Inc. - Austin, TX
Heimann Sensor GmbH - Dresden, Germany
HGH Infrared Systems - Igny, France
HGH USA - Goleta, CA
Hormes LLC - New York, NY
Infrared Cameras Inc. - Beaumont, TX
InfraTec GmbH, Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik - Dresden, Germany
INO - Quebec, Canada
Inprotec IRT srl - Cinisello Balsamo, Italy
Integrated Detector Electronics AS (IDEAS) - Oslo, Norway
IRCameras LLC - Santa Barbara, CA
ITRES Research Ltd. - Calgary, Canada
Japan Laser Corp. - Tokyo, Japan
Leonardo DRS, Electro-Optical Infrared Systems - Dallas, TX
Liteye Systems Inc. - Centennial, CO
Lynred USA - Fairfield, NJ
MFE Inspection Solutions - Dripping Springs, TX
Motion Analysis Inc. - Eugene, OR
Nedinsco BV - Venlo, Netherlands
Noxant - Palaiseau, France
Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. - Karmiel, Israel
Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd., Optics Group - Jerusalem, Israel
Process Sensors Corp., IR Temperature Div. - Franklin Lakes, NJ
QmagiQ LLC - Nashua, NH

  • camera A light-tight box that receives light from an object or scene and focuses it to form an image on a light-sensitive material or a detector. The camera generally contains a lens of variable aperture and a shutter of variable speed to precisely control...
  • infrared camera An infrared camera, also known as a thermal imaging camera or IR camera, is a device that captures and visualizes the infrared radiation emitted by objects, revealing temperature variations across surfaces. Unlike conventional cameras that capture...
  • thermal-infrared camera A thermal-infrared camera, often referred to simply as a thermal camera, is a type of imaging device that detects infrared radiation emitted by objects due to their temperature. Unlike traditional cameras, which capture visible light, thermal...
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