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A micromanipulator is a device that provides means for accurately moving minuscule tools over the surface of a microscopic object. The skilled biologist using a micromanipulator is able to dissect even a single cell with precision.

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Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc.
Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc. - Eugene, OR
Manufacturer of precise closed-loop XY stages, Z drives, piezo stages, and other precision positioning equipment; and light sheet microscopes and custom microscope/optics. Works directly with end users and OEMs to provide stock products and custom solutions. Products are designed for long life under demanding applications.
11 products
Sutter Instrument Company
Sutter Instrument Company - Novato, CA
Manufactures precision devices for scientific research and industrial OEM. Products include optical beam combiners, high-power LED, xenon light sources, high-speed wavelength switchers and shutters, multi-photon microscopes, translation systems, motorized stages, manipulators, electrophysiology amplifier systems, and micropipette pullers.
Stock Manufacturer
1 product
SmarAct Inc.
SmarAct Inc. - Berkeley, CA
SmarAct develops and produces solutions in the field of high-precision positioning, automation, and metrology. Since its foundation, SmarAct has grown from a small team of engineers to a group of companies with 200 highly qualified employees. Today, SmarAct can draw on years of experience and a passionate, customer-focused team.
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3 products
Del-Tron Precision Inc. - Bethel, CT
Laser Solutions Inc. - Basking Ridge, NJ
NanoMagnetics Instruments USA - Easton, PA
Preiser Scientific Inc. - St. Albans, WV
Raith America Inc. - Islandia, NY
Tresky Corp. - Morganville, NJ
World Precision Instruments Inc. - Sarasota, FL
  • micromanipulator A device that provides means for accurately moving minuscule tools over the surface of a microscopic object. The motion precision of a micromanipulator exceeds that of the unaided human hand. Typically used with a microscope, a skilled biologist...
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