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Aerotech Inc.
Aerotech Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
Manufacturer of precision automation and motion control equipment ranging from component-level solutions (motors, drives, controllers, linear/rotary stages, gantries, piezos, and hexapods), custom-engineered motion subsystems and modules, and complete turnkey automation systems. We solve your toughest precision motion and automation challenges.
Stock Manufacturer
11 products
C-Flex Bearing Co. Inc.
C-Flex Bearing Co. Inc. - Frankfort, NY
Product line manufacturer of flex pivot bearings and flexible metal and super plastic couplings. Custom metal flexures and other metal precision components to customer specifications, as well as cryogenic transfer lines.
Stock Manufacturer
1 product
Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc.
Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc. - Eugene, OR
Manufacturer of precise closed-loop XY stages, Z drives, piezo stages, and other precision positioning equipment; and light sheet microscopes and custom microscope/optics. Works directly with end users and OEMs to provide stock products and custom solutions. Products are designed for long life under demanding applications.
Stock Manufacturer
11 products
PI (Physik Instrumente) LP, Motion Control, Air Bearings, Piezo Mechanics
PI (Physik Instrumente) LP, Motion Control, Air Bearings, Piezo Mechanics - Auburn, MA
Global leader in precision motion control, nanopositioning stages, and automation subsystems. Technologies include hexapods, air bearings, and piezo drives. More than 50 years of experience and 1600 employees. Manufacturing sites in USA, Europe, Asia. PI's customers are leaders in photonics, life sciences, semiconductors, and aerospace.
Stock Manufacturer
10 products
National Aperture Inc.
National Aperture Inc. - Salem, NH
Manufactures precision apertures and miniature micropositioning components. Apertures: pinholes, air slits, and patterns on foils, exotic materials, and reflective surfaces. Micropositioning products: miniature motorized linear and rotary translation stages, PC-based servo-control systems, and light-duty servo amplifiers.
Stock Manufacturer
1 product
Siskiyou Corporation
Siskiyou Corporation - Grants Pass, OR
Designs and manufactures precision catalog and custom optomechanical components, motorized and manual translation stages and related assembly hardware for OEM laser manufacturers, measurement and assembly applications, and research applications in physics, optics, semiconductor materials, chemistry, and the life sciences.
Stock Manufacturer
1 product
Thorlabs Inc.
Thorlabs Inc. - Newton, NJ
Vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of photonics equipment for research, industry, life science, biomedical, and defense applications. Offerings include optomechanics, motion control, optics, fiber and fiber processing systems, light analysis, lasers and SLDs, optical amplifiers, imaging components, and microscopy systems.
Stock Manufacturer
18 products
Velmex Inc.
Velmex Inc. - Bloomfield, NY
Manufacturer of linear and rotary motion control positioning equipment including manual and motor-driven assemblies; rotary tables, XY tables, elevating tables; motor controls and readouts; in a variety of configurations and sizes with payload capacities to 400 lbs.
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3 products
ACS Motion Control Inc. - Edina, MN
Advanced Motion Controls - Camarillo, CA
Alta Vision Systems LLC - Westbrook, CT
Applied Motion Products - Morgan Hill, CA
CAES - Arlington, VA
Celera Motion, Precision Motion - Bedford, MA
Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions - Ashburn, VA
DMK Engineering Inc. - Torrance, CA
Dover Motion - Boxborough, MA
Elmo Motion Control Inc. - Nashua, NH
FANUC America Corp. - Rochester Hills, MI
H2W Technologies Inc. - Santa Clarita, CA
Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. - Victor, NY
maxon - Taunton, MA
MKS/Newport - Irvine, CA
Moog Animatics - Mountain View, CA
Moticont - Van Nuys, CA
Motion Plus LLC - Pittsburgh, PA
Nanotec Electronic U.S. Inc. - Auburn, MA
National Instruments Corp. - Austin, TX
Nippon Pulse America Inc. - Radford, VA
Novanta IMS - Marlborough, CT
OMS Motion Inc. - Hillsboro, OR
Optimal Engineering Systems Inc. - Van Nuys, CA
OptoSigma Corp. - Santa Ana, CA
Performance Motion Devices Inc. - Westford, MA
Polaris Motion - Victoria, Canada
Rockwell Automation Inc. - Milwaukee, WI Ltd. - Greenville, DE
Teknic Inc. - Victor, NY
THK America Inc. - Schaumburg, IL
US Digital - Vancouver, WA
Viking Industrial Products, PiezoMaster - Marlborough, MA
Zaber Technologies Inc. - Vancouver, Canada
  • servomotor A type of motor that acts as the control element in a servomechanism. It is powered by an amplifier circuit and drives the load with linear or rotary motion.
  • piezoelectric motion systems Piezoelectric motion systems are mechanical systems that utilize piezoelectric materials to generate controlled motion or displacement. Piezoelectric materials exhibit the piezoelectric effect, which is the ability to generate an electric charge in...
  • motion controller In optics, a motion controller refers to a device or system that precisely controls the movement of optical components, such as mirrors, lenses, stages, or other elements within an optical setup. The primary function of a motion controller is to...
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