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SmarAct Inc.
SmarAct Inc. - Berkeley, CA
SmarAct develops and produces solutions in the field of high-precision positioning, automation, and metrology. Since its foundation, SmarAct has grown from a small team of engineers to a group of companies with 200 highly qualified employees. Today, SmarAct can draw on years of experience and a passionate, customer-focused team.
3 products
Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc.
Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc. - Eugene, OR
Manufacturer of precise closed-loop XY stages, Z drives, piezo stages, and other precision positioning equipment; and light sheet microscopes and custom microscope/optics. Works directly with end users and OEMs to provide stock products and custom solutions. Products are designed for long life under demanding applications.
6 products
Sutter Instrument Company
Sutter Instrument Company - Novato, CA
Manufactures precision devices for scientific research and industrial OEM. Products include optical beam combiners, high-power LED, xenon light sources, high-speed wavelength switchers and shutters, multi-photon microscopes, translation systems, motorized stages, manipulators, electrophysiology amplifier systems, and micropipette pullers.
1 product
Spawr Industries Inc., Optics Div.
Spawr Industries Inc., Optics Div. - Lake Havasu City, AZ
Designs and manufactures high power metal mirrors, passive and water-cooled copper, molybdenum tungsten, titanium, aluminum, and stainless-steel mirrors, metal mirror corner cubes, laser beam shaping systems, optical integrators, line image focusing modules, 100-plus-kW beam dumps, laser optics, small and large mirror mounts, and lightweight metal mirrors.
4 products
4D Technology Corporation
4D Technology Corporation - Tucson, AZ
Designs and manufactures dynamic laser interferometers and optical profilers, and surface defect gauges. Applications include precision machined surfaces, optics, astronomy, aerospace, space-based telescopes, flexible electronics, automotive, and in-line production measurement.
1 product
Lambda Research Optics Inc. (USA)
Lambda Research Optics Inc. (USA) - Costa Mesa, CA
Lambda Research Optics manufactures catalog and custom lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters, windows, prisms, filters, and polarizers for defense, commercial, and medical laser applications. Lambda specializes in high-power coatings for excimer, YAG, fiber, CO2 lasers, and FLIR coatings. Precision polishing of CaF2, MgF2, BK7, fused silica, ZnSe, Ge, and Si.
79 products
Micro Laser Systems Inc.
Micro Laser Systems Inc. - Garden Grove, CA
Manufacturer of free-space and fiber-coupled lasers with diffraction limited performance. Lasers from 350 to 2000 nm have accessories for expanding or focusing the beam, fiber collimators, fiber focusers, tiny collimators and splitters to integrate with the pigtailed lasers. Custom assemblies for OEM users are routinely made.
2 products
MoviTHERM, Thermography Solutions
MoviTHERM, Thermography Solutions - Irvine, CA
FLIR distributor and systems integrator. Sells thermal cameras for online, remote monitoring, and automated thermal imaging applications. Offers products for infrared nondestructive test equipment.
3 products
Rainbow Research Optics LLC
Rainbow Research Optics LLC - Centennial, CO
Manufacturer of precision optical components and high-power laser coatings from UV to IR. Stock and custom optics: lenses, beamsplitters, filters, windows, mirrors, wave plates, large wedges, prisms, and many more. In-house custom coatings: AR, high reflection, dichroic, and polarizing. Optics from 4 mm to 16 inches.
3 products
ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. - San Diego, CA
Advanced Motion Controls - Camarillo, CA
AdvR Inc. - Bozeman, MT
AEH Inc. - Pasadena, CA
Akribis Systems Inc. - San Jose, CA
ALIO Industries LLC - Arvada, CO
AOSense Inc. - Fremont, CA
APE Applied Physics & Electronics Inc. - Vancouver, WA
Applied Motion Products - Morgan Hill, CA
Arroyo Instruments LLC - San Luis Obispo, CA
ASTiGMAT - Citrus Heights, CA
attocube systems Inc. - Berkeley, CA
AutoMate Scientific Inc. - Berkeley, CA
Avantes USA - Lafayette, CO
Bell-Everman Inc. - Goleta, CA
Bioscience Tools - San Diego, CA
Canon U.S.A. Inc., Industrial Products Div. - San Jose, CA
Channel Islands Opto-Mechanical Engineering Inc. - Ventura, CA
Circuit Insights LLC - Pasadena, CA
Collins Aerospace - Hood River, OR
Cymatix Inc. - Petaluma, CA
Daniel Crews LLC - Evergreen, CO
DENSO Robotics - Long Beach, CA
DFM Engineering Inc. - Longmont, CO
Dino-Lite Microscopes - Torrance, CA
Diode Laser Concepts Inc. - Medford, OR
DMK Engineering Inc. - Torrance, CA
Ealing Catalog - Scotts Valley, CA
Efficient Power Conversion Corp. - El Segundo, CA
Elite Engineering Corp. - Camarillo, CA
Elite Thermal Engineering LLC - Bothell, WA
Empire Magnetics Inc. - Rohnert Park, CA
Encoder Products Co. - Sagle, ID
EPSON America Inc., EPSON Robots - Los Alamitos, CA
Equipment Solutions Inc. - Forestville, CA
H2W Technologies Inc. - Santa Clarita, CA
Herzan - Laguna Hills, CA
JST Manufacturing Inc. - Boise, ID
K-Tek Nanotechnology LLC - Wilsonville, OR
Laser Resale Inc. - Loveland, CO
Lasermate Group Inc. - Walnut, CA

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