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TelAztec LLC
TelAztec LLC - Burlington, MA
Antireflection nanotextures etched directly into the bulk optical material providing high optical performance with R down to 0.01%; extreme broadband performance UV-NIR, no added absorption, high laser damage threshold. Available in fused silica, diamond, sapphire, and a wide range of IR materials.
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20 products
Fil-Tech Inc.
Fil-Tech Inc. - Boston, MA
Fil-Tech supplies electron beam gun and ion source replacement parts, sensor heads and feedthroughs, INFICON rate monitors and controllers and Quality Crystals in Gold and Stress Relieving Alloy for the thin-film industry. We stock FT704, hydrocarbon oils and Krytox oils and greases, and ionization, thermocouple, INFICON and InstruTech vacuum gauges.
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10 products
MLD Technologies LLC
MLD Technologies LLC - Mountain View, CA
Produces high-performance optical coatings and components specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of ion-beam sputtered, low optical loss, laser-damage resistant thin films for the UV-VIS-IR spectral region. Applications include lasers, laser devices, nonlinear crystals, medical instruments, and other photonic devices.
Custom ManufacturerDesigner
3 products
Bruker Nano Surfaces
Bruker Nano Surfaces - Tucson, AZ
Extensive suite of application-focused instrumentation for life sciences and materials research and production covers the full range of metrology techniques, sample sizes, and imaging resolutions. Technologies include AFMs, NanoIR spectrometers, fluorescence microscopes, stylus and optical profilers, mechanical testers, and nano-indenters.
13 products
Materion Balzers Optics
Materion Balzers Optics - Westford, MA
Materion Balzers Optics is a global leader in optical thin film coating solutions. We custom manufacture and supply precision optical filters and coatings. As a high-tech company with five production sites worldwide, our focus is on a variety of markets such as life science, industry, consumer, lighting, space, defense, and automotive.
Custom ManufacturerDesigner
4 products
3photon Ltd. - Vilnius, Lithuania
Acktar Ltd. - Kiryat-Gat, Israel
ACM Coatings GmbH - Naumburg, Germany
Advanced Coating Services (ACS) - Rochester, NY
Alfa Chemistry - Holbrook, NY
Angstrom Engineering Inc. - Cambridge, Canada
Angstrom Sciences Inc. - Duquesne, PA
Applied Diamond Inc. - Wilmington, DE
Arradiance LLC - Littleton, MA
B.J. Associates - West Hartford, CT
BeamAlloy Technologies LLC - Plain City, OH
Beneq Oy - Espoo, Finland
Brewer Science Inc. - Rolla, MO
CFD Research Corp. - Huntsville, AL
Colnatec LLC - Greenville, SC
Dontech Inc. - Doylestown, PA
EV Group (EVG) - St. Florian am Inn, Austria
Filtrop AG - Balzers, Liechtenstein
Intellivation LLC - Loveland, CO
Kimoto Ltd. - Opfikon, Switzerland
Lead Optima Element - Chongqing, China
Kurt J. Lesker Co. - Jefferson Hills, PA
Meliorum Technologies Inc. - Rochester, NY
Naneo Precision IBS Coatings GmbH - Lindau, Germany
NTT Advanced Technology Corp. - Shinjuku, Japan
Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Ltd. - Bristol, United Kingdom
Performance Coatings International Laboratories LLC - Bangor, PA
Platypus Technologies LLC - Madison, WI
Sanwa Kenma Ltd. - Uji, Japan
SDC Technologies - Irvine, CA
Silicon Valley Optics Technology Inc. (SVOTek) - Fremont, CA
Spark Optical Material (Huita Optoelectronic Material) Co. Ltd. - Jinhua, China
Techmetals Inc. - Dayton, OH
  • nanotechnology The use of atoms, molecules and molecular-scale structures to enhance existing technology and develop new materials and devices. The goal of this technology is to manipulate atomic and molecular particles to create devices that are thousands of...
  • thin film A thin layer of a substance deposited on an insulating base in a vacuum by a microelectronic process. Thin films are most commonly used for antireflection, achromatic beamsplitters, color filters, narrow passband filters, semitransparent mirrors,...
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