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Photron USA Inc.
Photron USA Inc. - San Diego, CA
Photron develops and manufactures high-speed camera systems that provide extremely high frame rates and extraordinary light sensitivity. Photron cameras are effectively utilized in a wide variety of applications within the automotive, military, aerospace, medical, scientific, R&D, and manufacturing industries.
13 products
BAE Systems Sensor Solutions
BAE Systems Sensor Solutions - San Jose, CA
BAE Systems wholly owns Fairchild Imaging, a designer and manufacturer of low-light, sCMOS, and x-ray sensor designs. We specialize in design, development, and manufacture of high-performance image sensors for defense, security and surveillance, space, scientific; medical, dental, veterinary x-ray; industrial, and pro-video markets.
10 products
DataRay Inc.
DataRay Inc. - Monterey, CA
DataRay Inc. was founded in 1988 with a mission to advance the technology of laser beam analysis. We develop standard and custom laser beam characterization solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our product portfolio consists of beam profiling cameras, scanning slit beam profilers, specialized beam profilers, and laser profiling accessories.
8 products
MoviTHERM, Thermography Solutions
MoviTHERM, Thermography Solutions - Irvine, CA
FLIR distributor and systems integrator. Sells thermal cameras for online, remote monitoring, and automated thermal imaging applications. Offers products for infrared nondestructive test equipment.
3 products
Radiant Vision Systems, Test & Measurement
Radiant Vision Systems, Test & Measurement - Redmond, WA
Develops integrated imaging solutions to enable automated visual inspection and measurement of light, color, and surfaces. Scientific-grade imaging colorimeters are used for production-quality inspection and R&D testing of displays, backlit components, LEDs, and other light sources, as well as overall manufacturing integrity.
21 products
MKS Ophir, Light & Measurement
MKS Ophir, Light & Measurement - North Logan, UT
Develops, calibrates, and markets a complete line of laser and LED measurement products, including laser power/energy meters, beam profilers measuring femtowatt to hundred-kilowatt lasers, high-performance IR and visible optical elements, IR thermal imaging lenses and zoom lenses for defense and commercial applications.
6 products
Advanced Energy Industries Inc. - Denver, CO
Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC - Goleta, CA
Ambarella Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Attollo Engineering - Camarillo, CA
Ball Aerospace - Westminster, CO
BaySpec Inc. - San Jose, CA
Blackmagic Design - Fremont, CA
CANON MEDICAL COMPONENTS U.S.A., Video Sensing Devices - Irvine, CA
Catalina Scientific Instruments LLC - Tucson, AZ
Contrast Inc. - Albuquerque, NM
Controlled Capture Systems LLC - Idaho Falls, ID
Cyan Systems - Goleta, CA
Daitron Inc., Industrial Components Group - Wilsonville, OR
Digital West Imaging - Las Vegas, NV
Dino-Lite Microscopes - Torrance, CA
e-con Systems Inc. - Riverside, CA
EDAX Inc., Corporate Headquarters - Pleasanton, CA
Fastec Imaging Corp. - San Diego, CA
Flexible Vision - San Diego, CA
GEViCAM Inc. - Milpitas, CA
HGH USA - Goleta, CA
Hinalea Imaging - Emeryville, CA
Image Labs International - Belgrade, MT
Improvision Research - Berkeley, CA
Integrated Design Tools Inc. - Pasadena, CA
Intelligent Imaging Innovations Inc. (3i) - Denver, CO
IRCameras LLC - Santa Barbara, CA
JAI Inc. - San Jose, CA
LabSmith Inc. - Livermore, CA
Leopard Imaging Inc. - Fremont, CA
Liteye Systems Inc. - Centennial, CO
Marshall Electronics Inc., Optical Systems - Torrance, CA
MegaVision Inc. - Santa Barbara, CA
Mikrotron GmbH, North American Office - Poway, CA
Motion Analysis Inc. - Eugene, OR
NEXCOM - Fremont, CA
Oculus Photonics - Santa Barbara, CA
OMNIVISION - Santa Clara, CA
Optec America - Torrance, CA
Optical Support Inc. - Tucson, AZ
Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc. (OKSI) - Torrance, CA
Pembroke Instruments LLC - San Francisco, CA
Photo-Sonics Inc. - Chatsworth, CA
Prescott's Inc. - Monument, CO

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