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Agilent Technologies Inc., Chemical Analysis - Santa Clara, CA
CIQTEK Co. Ltd. - Hefei, China
Eastern Applied Research Inc. - Lockport, NY
International Equipment Trading (IET) Ltd. - Mundelein, IL
JEOL USA Inc. - Peabody, MA
  • spectrometer A kind of spectrograph in which some form of detector, other than a photographic film, is used to measure the distribution of radiation in a particular wavelength region.
  • nuclear magnetic resonance A phenomenon, exploited for medical imaging, in which the nuclei of material placed in a strong magnetic field will absorb radio waves supplied by a transmitter at particular frequencies. The energy of the radio-frequency photons is used to promote...
  • nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy That branch of spectroscopy that applies to the study of interactions between energy and atomic nuclei. The simultaneous application of a strong magnetic field and the radiation from a radio-frequency source to the nuclei results in transitions...
  • resonator A resonator is a device or system that exhibits resonance, which is a phenomenon that occurs when an external force or stimulus is applied at a specific frequency, causing the system to oscillate with increased amplitude. Resonators are found in...
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