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TelAztec LLC
TelAztec LLC - Burlington, MA
Antireflection nanotextures etched directly into the bulk optical material providing high optical performance with R down to 0.01%; extreme broadband performance UV-NIR, no added absorption, high laser damage threshold. Available in fused silica, diamond, sapphire, and a wide range of IR materials.
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20 products
North American Coating Laboratories
North American Coating Laboratories - Mentor, OH
Manufactures custom vacuum-deposited thin-film coatings for glass, plastic, and infrared optics, specializing in AR, reflective, ITO, conductive, metallic, filter, and scratch-resistant films. Now offering diamond-like carbon for all substrates, including severe abrasion DLC for chalcogenide material.
Custom Manufacturer
1 product
Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc. - Ventura, CA
Advanced Materials Processing Corp. - Lowell, MA
Coating Design Group Inc. - Stratford, CT
Colorado Concept Coatings LLC - Loveland, CO
Optical Coatings - Lake Forest, CA
Performance Coatings International Laboratories LLC - Bangor, PA
Yield Engineering Systems (YES) - Fremont, CA
  • antifog coating A coating that is capable of stopping the condensation of moisture on an optical surface.
  • liquid coating A self-healing, index-matching, nonporous coating for optical components that can eliminate production difficulties and deficiencies associated with solid-film contamination and postdeposition absorption.
  • protective coating A film applied to a coated or uncoated optical surface primarily for protecting this surface from mechanical abrasion, from chemical corrosion, or from both. For example, a thin layer of silicon monoxide may be added to protect an aluminized surface.
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