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IMT Masken und Teilungen AG - Greifensee, Switzerland
Intellivation LLC - Loveland, CO
  • antireflection coating An antireflection coating (AR coating) is a thin film or coating applied to optical surfaces, such as lenses or windows, to minimize unwanted reflections and increase the transmission of light through the surface. These coatings are designed to...
  • hard coating Usually a dielectric coating on glass or plastic optics; a coating that is comparable in hardness to glass itself.
  • metallic coating A thin layer of metal deposited on the surface of a substrate. The film may serve as a reflector, beamsplitter, neutral density filter or electromagnetic interference filter.
  • mirror coating One or more thin-film layers of optical material deposited on a mirror blank/substrate in order to enhance the way that substrate reflects light. For example of optical materials/optical coatings used in this application, see metallic coating;...
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