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DJ MicroLaminates Inc. - Sudbury, MA
Ellsworth Adhesives - Germantown, WI
Grafix Plastics, Industrial Products Div. - Maple Heights, OH
LEW Techniques Ltd. - Taunton, United Kingdom
MY Polymers Ltd. - Ness Ziona, Israel
SDC Technologies - Irvine, CA
Stellar Industries Corp. - Millbury, MA
  • antifog coating A coating that is capable of stopping the condensation of moisture on an optical surface.
  • antireflection coating An antireflection coating (AR coating) is a thin film or coating applied to optical surfaces, such as lenses or windows, to minimize unwanted reflections and increase the transmission of light through the surface. These coatings are designed to...
  • dielectric coating A high-reflectance coating consisting of alternating layers of quarter-wave film of a higher refractive index and lower refractive index than the substrate. Such coatings can be made very specific to a reflected wavelength or, by varying the layers'...
  • hard coating Usually a dielectric coating on glass or plastic optics; a coating that is comparable in hardness to glass itself.
  • multilayer coating A coating made up of many layers of material having alternating high and low refractive index. In this way, it is possible to produce coatings with a great variety of properties. These may be spectrally high-pass, low-pass, bandpass, antireflection...
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