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Arradiance LLC - Littleton, MA
Atkinson Thin Film Systems Inc. - Hampstead, NH
Cianflone Scientific LLC - Pittsburgh, PA
Eastern Applied Research Inc. - Lockport, NY
Lebow Co. - Goleta, CA
Luxel Corp. - Friday Harbor, WA
NTT Advanced Technology Corp. - Shinjuku, Japan
Rigaku Innovative Technologies Inc. - Auburn Hills, MI
Scintacor Ltd. - Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • multilayer coating A coating made up of many layers of material having alternating high and low refractive index. In this way, it is possible to produce coatings with a great variety of properties. These may be spectrally high-pass, low-pass, bandpass, antireflection...
  • reflective coating Thin-film coating, single or multilayer, that is applied to a substrate to increase its reflectance over a specified range of wavelengths. Metal film, transparent or opaque, is the oldest form of reflective coating.
  • soft coating A term describing an antireflection coating that may be applied to optics that cannot tolerate the high temperatures usually required for normal "hard'' coatings. Such coatings lack durability and are difficult to clean.
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