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HHV Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Thin Films & Optics Div.
HHV Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Thin Films & Optics Div. - Bangalore, India
Designs, develops, and manufactures a wide array of durable thin-film optical coatings in the UV, VIS, and IR (3 to 12 microns) region. Manufactures high-precision optical windows, spherical and aspherical lenses, wedges, prisms, and infrared domes in bulk volumes.
5 products
CASTECH INC. - Fuzhou, China
CASTECH is a global leader in nonlinear optical crystals, laser crystals, precision optics, and laser components for laser applications, optical communications, biomedical VR/AR, and lidar. With ISO 9001 and IAFT 16949 quality management system, we consistently enable our customers from prototype to mass production stage.
4 products
Henan UM Optics Ltd. (Umoptics)
Henan UM Optics Ltd. (Umoptics) - Xinyang, China
Provides customized materials for low stress, high purity, and high uniformity infrared crystals to customers in over 60 countries and regions around the world.
3 products
ECOPTIK (Changchun) Ltd.
ECOPTIK (Changchun) Ltd. - Changchun, China
Custom optics, such as spherical lenses, dome lenses, prisms, windows, filters, cylindrical lenses, aspherical lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters, optical assemblies. Also custom lens design and optical systems design.
13 products
Simphoton Optronics Co. Ltd. - Xi'an, China
AGC - Tokyo, Japan
Alpha Optics Co. Ltd. - Fuzhou, China
Asahi Spectra Co. Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan
Astro Optics Pvt. Ltd. - Mumbai, India
Beijing Delfa Optoelectronics Inc. - Beijing, China
COE Optics - Nanjing, China
Coligh Optics Technology Co. Ltd. - Chongqing, China
Dah Young Vacuum Equipment Co. Ltd. - Taichung, Taiwan
Dalian Leader Lighting R&D Center Co. Ltd. - Dalian, China
Danyang Danyao Optics Co. Ltd. - Danyang, China
East Tender Optoelectronics Corp. - Yilan, Taiwan
Eastoptics Inc. - Fuzhou, China
Fuzhou Rising Electro Optics Co. Ltd. - Fuzhou, China
Infrared Optics Pvt. Ltd. - Faridabad, India
Japan Cell Co. Ltd. - Machida, Japan
Keihin Komaku Thin Film - Hadano, Japan
Koshin Kogaku Co. Ltd. - Hadano, Japan
Kunming Yunzhe High-Tech Co. Ltd. - Kunming, China
Kyocera SOC Corp. - Yokohama, Japan
Lambda Research Optics, Changchun - Changchun, China
Lead Optima Element - Chongqing, China
NTT Advanced Technology Corp. - Shinjuku, Japan
Optical Coatings Japan (OCJ) - Tokyo, Japan
Opto Precision Pte. Ltd. - Singapore, Singapore
Optolong Optics Co. Ltd - Kunming, China
Piocel Co. Ltd. - Daejeon, South Korea
Sanwa Kenma Ltd. - Uji, Japan
Shanghai HXF-LaiYi Precision Optics Co. Ltd. - Shanghai, China
Spark Optical Material (Huita Optoelectronic Material) Co. Ltd. - Jinhua, China
Suzhou Jiujon Optics Co. Ltd. - Suzhou, China
TEMTO Technology Co. Ltd. - Fuzhou, China
Tianjin CIOT Optoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. - Tianjin, China
Toyotec Co. Ltd., Precision Optics Div. - Toyokawa, Japan
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