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Ampliconyx Oy
Ampliconyx Oy - Tampere, Finland
Offers a range of gain modules and amplifiers with ytterbium doped active tapered double clad fibers for amplification of optical pulses, both nanosecond and picosecond range.
Stock ManufacturerCustom Manufacturer
10 products
Electro Optical Components Inc.
Electro Optical Components Inc. - Santa Rosa, CA
Distributor of IR pyroelectric, thermopile, PbS and PbSe, and LED detectors; UV detectors; VIS detectors. IR and VIS laser diodes and diode modules. Signal recovery amplifiers. UV through IR filters, metal mirrors, and other optoelectronic components. NDIR, laser, and electrochemical gas and flame detection modules. Spectroscopy systems. SiPMs.
8 products
VIGO Photonics
VIGO Photonics - Ozarow Mazowiecki, Poland
A photonic semiconductor company with a complete front-end and back-end fabrication line, specializing in II-VI and III-V compound materials. The manufacturer that offers a wide array of photonic and microelectronic devices: epiwafers, infrared wafers, and detectors, based on proprietary technology.
Custom Manufacturer
3 products
Advanced Research Instruments Corp. - Bandon, OR
Analog Modules Inc. - Longwood, FL
Cremat Inc. - West Newton, MA
DATAQ Instruments Inc. - Akron, OH
Ectron Corp. - San Diego, CA
Infrared Systems Development Corp. - Winter Park, FL
ITF Technologies - Montreal, Canada
Microchip Technology Inc. - Chandler, AZ
npi electronic GmbH - Tamm, Germany
Nuphoton Technologies - Murrieta, CA
NuWaves Engineering - Middletown, OH
Optosolar GmbH - Merdingen, Germany
ORTEC - Oak Ridge, TN
Precision Filters Inc. - Ithaca, NY
Redgarden Engineering LLC - Boulder, CO
Saluki Technology Inc. - Taipei, Taiwan
Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH - Grosshansdorf, Germany
Stanford Research Systems Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Zurich Instruments AG - Zurich, Switzerland
  • amplifier A device that enlarges and strengthens a signal's output without significantly distorting its original waveshape. There are amplifiers for acoustical, optical and electronic signals.
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