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Hamamatsu Corporation
Hamamatsu Corporation - Bridgewater, NJ
Importer and distributor of photonics components and subsystems for use in instrumentation. Products include photomultiplier tubes, solid-state photodetectors, IR detectors, image sensors, scientific cameras, light sources, and x-ray solutions.
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18 products
Opto Diode Corporation
Opto Diode Corporation - Camarillo, CA
Standard and custom photodetectors and high-quality VIS and IR LEDs. Our advanced performance sensors operate from the extreme ultraviolet (UV) to the mid-infrared (mid-IR). Photodetectors provide high-energy particle, electron, x-ray, and UV detection; plus excellent mid-IR sensitivity to discriminate gases, detect heat, sparks, and flames.
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50 products
Amsterdam Scientific Instruments BV - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Becker & Hickl GmbH - Berlin, Germany
Centronic Ltd. - Croydon, United Kingdom
CMC Electronics - Montreal, Canada
El-Mul Technologies Ltd. - Rehovot, Israel
Eltec Instruments Inc. - Daytona Beach, FL
First Sensor Inc. - Westlake Village, CA
ISS Inc. - Champaign, IL
Laser Components Detector Group Inc. - Chandler, AZ
LASERSCOM LLC - Minsk, Belarus
Lynred - Veurey-Voroize, France
Micropac Industries Inc., Optoelectronics/Sensors - Garland, TX
OSI Optoelectronics Inc. - Hawthorne, CA
Ultracoustics Technologies Ltd. - Edmonton, Canada
  • detector 1. A device designed to convert the energy of incident radiation into another form for the determination of the presence of the radiation. The device may function by electrical, photographic or visual means. 2. A device that provides an electric...
  • ultrashort-pulse laser A laser capable of generating light pulses that last only a few femtoseconds. This can be achieved by nonlinear filtering to increase bandwidth and compress the pulse or by passive mode-locking or synchronous pumping in conjunction with...
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