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AA SA, Opto-Electronic - Orsay, France
Brimrose Corp. of America - Sparks, MD
Isomet (UK) Ltd. - Cwmbran, United Kingdom
Isomet Corp. - Manassas, VA
MVM Electronics Inc. - Melbourne, FL
Proximion AB - Kista, Sweden
  • acousto-optic tunable filter An acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) is a device that utilizes the acousto-optic effect to selectively filter and transmit light based on its wavelength or frequency. It operates by applying an acoustic wave to an optically transparent material...
  • acousto-optics Acousto-optics is a branch of physics that deals with the interaction of sound waves (acoustic waves) and light waves (optical waves) within a medium. It primarily focuses on phenomena where acoustic waves modulate the properties of light waves,...
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