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Alluxa - Santa Rosa, CA
Provides cutting-edge optical thin-film coatings for the most challenging optical filter scenarios. Produces custom filters with a combination of automation, algorithms, and a plasma thin-film deposition process. ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered.
Custom Manufacturer
1 product
Meadowlark Optics Inc.
Meadowlark Optics Inc. - Frederick, CO
Manufactures standard and custom polarization control components and systems including polarizers, retarders, LC devices, Pockels cells, polarimeters, and SLMs. Applications are in optogenetics, aerospace, defense, medical imaging and analysis, data storage, polarimetry, semiconductor inspection and processing, astronomy, and more.
Stock ManufacturerCustom Manufacturer
1 product
Delta Optical Thin Film A/S
Delta Optical Thin Film A/S - Horsholm, Denmark
Design and manufacture advanced custom thin-film components for OEM volume applications. Products include linear variable filters, variable dichroics, high-quality fluorescence filter sets, filters and dichroics, and filter sets for point-of-care instruments, beamsplitter cubes, and many other components.
Custom Manufacturer
10 products
LASEROPTIK GmbH - Garbsen, Germany
LASEROPTIK is a manufacturer of high LIDT laser optics and coatings from VUV to IR and employs more than 40 coating machines with 7 different coating methods. Products include mirrors and AR coatings, thin-film polarizers, complex filters, chirped mirrors and mirror pairs. Special IBS capabilities are available for coatings on large substrates.
Custom Manufacturer
5 products
OZ Optics Limited
OZ Optics Limited - Ottawa, Canada
PM fiber components; patch cords, splitters/combiners, polarizers, isolators, fused/PLCS couplers, test equipment; PER meter, polarized sources, PDL emulators, polarization controllers/analyzers, digital/motor driven/manual variable attenuators, laser/laser diode to fiber delivery systems; collimators/focusers, polarization entangled photon sources.
Stock ManufacturerCustom Manufacturer
33 products
Photon etc.
Photon etc. - Montreal, Canada
Photon etc. is a Canadian-Quebec company, founded in 2003, specialized in the design and manufacturing of hyperspectral and infrared imaging systems. With applications ranging from geology to material sorting, food processing and more, we are able to easily integrate our products into various industries.
Stock Manufacturer
8 products
Advanced Fiber Resources (Zhuhai) Ltd. - Zhuhai, China
AHF analysentechnik AG - Tuebingen, Germany
APEX Technologies - Marcoussis, France
Boston Applied Technologies Inc. - Woburn, MA
Channel Systems Inc. - Pinawa, Canada
DiCon Fiberoptics Inc. - Richmond, CA
IC Optical Systems Ltd. - Beckenham, United Kingdom
Koshin Kogaku Co. Ltd. - Hadano, Japan
Leukos - Limoges, France
Michigan Aerospace Corp. - Ypsilanti, MI
MVM Electronics Inc. - Melbourne, FL
OEwaves Inc. - Pasadena, CA
Precision Filters Inc. - Ithaca, NY
Santec Corp. - Komaki, Japan
Santec USA Corp. - Fort Lee, NJ
TeraXion Inc. - Quebec, Canada
Unispectral - Ramat Gan, Israel
YSL Photonics Inc. - Lorton, VA
  • acousto-optic tunable filter An acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) is a device that utilizes the acousto-optic effect to selectively filter and transmit light based on its wavelength or frequency. It operates by applying an acoustic wave to an optically transparent material...
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