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4D Technology Corporation
4D Technology Corporation - Tucson, AZ
Designs and manufactures dynamic laser interferometers and optical profilers, and surface defect gauges. Applications include precision machined surfaces, optics, astronomy, aerospace, space-based telescopes, flexible electronics, automotive, and in-line production measurement.
1 product
Apre Instruments
Apre Instruments - Tucson, AZ
Fizeau and LUPI interferometers. Making optics is a daily challenge. Less time, more challenging specifications, and demands to lower cost. Apre interferometers give you the performance edge and architecture to grow with you, at minimal cost. APRE upgrades most brands and models of interferometers to keep your present systems working. Call today.
3 products
Bruker Nano Surfaces
Bruker Nano Surfaces - Tucson, AZ
Extensive suite of application-focused instrumentation for life sciences and materials research and production covers the full range of metrology techniques, sample sizes, and imaging resolutions. Technologies include AFMs, NanoIR spectrometers, fluorescence microscopes, stylus and optical profilers, mechanical testers, and nano-indenters.
13 products
LightMachinery Inc.
LightMachinery Inc. - Ottawa, Canada
Manufacturer of custom precision optical components, spectrometers, TEA CO2 lasers, and excimer lasers. Specializes in fluid jet polishing equipment, and laser systems. Specializes in the production of difficult, tight tolerance optical components, laser components and systems.
1 product
Evanescent Optics Inc.
Evanescent Optics Inc. - Burlington, Canada
Manufacturer of polarization maintaining fiber optic couplers, WDMs, pump couplers, polarization splitters, interferometers, and noncontact displacement sensors.
1 product
SORL/Space Optics Research Labs LLC
SORL/Space Optics Research Labs LLC - Merrimack, NH
Manufactures stock and custom off-axis parabolic mirrors. Flat, spherical, and aspheric mirrors in ceramic, glass and metal, precision mirror mounts; reflective beam expanders, collimators, FLIR test stations, lidar telescopes; Fourier transform systems, IR lens assemblies and a LUPI-IIA interferometer. Engineering, design, and field services.
1 product
Zygo Corporation
Zygo Corporation - Middlefield, CT
Specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced optical metrology instruments and systems, ultraprecise optical components and assemblies, and providing electro-optical design and manufacturing services.
9 products
AOM - Arizona Optical Metrology
AOM - Arizona Optical Metrology - Tucson, AZ
Provides measurement solutions for optical surfaces and systems. Custom metrology for measuring surface figure error, precision alignment, and transmitted wavefront error. Products include computer-generated holograms (CGHs) for interferometric measurement of aspheric and freeform surfaces, mechanics, and accessories for enabling CGH measurements.
4 products
Heidenhain Corporation
Heidenhain Corporation - Schaumburg, IL
International manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment. This technology is utilized within precision motion control and machining systems worldwide. Products include encoders (linear, angle, rotary), length gauges, numerical controls, and touch probes for demanding positioning tasks.
1 product
TecOptics Corp.
TecOptics Corp. - Merrick, NY
Manufacturer of air-spaced and solid etalons, ultrahigh damage threshold laser optics and interferometer optics. Coatings from UV to near-IR. Optomechanical systems.
1 product
ABB inc., Measurement & Analytics - Quebec, Canada
AdlOptica GmbH - Berlin, Germany
Aiteh Industrial Co. Ltd. - Taipei, Taiwan
Arden Photonics Ltd. - Solihull, United Kingdom
Armstrong Optical Ltd. - Northampton, United Kingdom
attocube systems AG - Haar, Germany
attocube systems Inc. - Berkeley, CA
Automated Precision Inc. (API) - Rockville, MD
CE Optics Kft. - Szeged, Hungary
Celera Motion, Precision Motion - Bedford, MA
Chronos Photonics - Orlando, FL
Connected Fibers - Roswell, GA
Data-Pixel - Chavanod, France
Difrotec OU - Tartu, Estonia
Direct Optical Research Co. - Largo, FL
FIBERPRO Inc. - Daejeon, South Korea
fionec GmbH - Aachen, Germany
FormFactor - Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
HighFinesse GmbH - Tuebingen, Germany
IC Optical Systems Ltd. - Beckenham, United Kingdom
Imagine Optic - Orsay, France
Interferometric Optics - Jonesborough, TN
InterOptics LLC - Tucson, AZ
Kohzu Precision Co. Ltd. - Kawasaki, Japan
Lambda Photometrics Ltd. - Harpenden, United Kingdom
Laser Optical Engineering Ltd. - East Midlands Airport, United Kingdom
LightGage Inc. - Wayland, NY
Logitech Ltd. - Old Kilpatrick, United Kingdom
Lyncee Tec SA - Lausanne, Switzerland
M3 Measurement Solutions Inc. - Escondido, CA
Mahr Inc. - Providence, RI
Martin, Froeschner & Associates - Livermore, CA
Metrology Concepts - Rochester, NY
Michigan Aerospace Corp. - Ypsilanti, MI
Moeller-Wedel Optical GmbH - Wedel, Germany
MOORI Technologies Co. - Seongnam, South Korea
NanoMagnetics Instruments Ltd., Microscopy - Oxford, United Kingdom
NanoMagnetics Instruments USA - Easton, PA
NIREOS - Milan, Italy
nortus Optronic GmbH - Woerth am Rhein, Germany

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