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Micro Laser Systems Inc.
Micro Laser Systems Inc. - Garden Grove, CA
Manufacturer of free-space and fiber-coupled lasers with diffraction limited performance. Lasers from 350 to 2000 nm have accessories for expanding or focusing the beam, fiber collimators, fiber focusers, tiny collimators and splitters to integrate with the pigtailed lasers. Custom assemblies for OEM users are routinely made.
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2 products
Zygo Corporation
Zygo Corporation - Middlefield, CT
Specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced optical metrology instruments and systems, ultraprecise optical components and assemblies, and providing electro-optical design and manufacturing services.
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9 products
4D Technology Corporation
4D Technology Corporation - Tucson, AZ
Designs and manufactures dynamic laser interferometers and optical profilers, and surface defect gauges. Applications include precision machined surfaces, optics, astronomy, aerospace, space-based telescopes, flexible electronics, automotive, and in-line production measurement.
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Cobolt AB
Cobolt AB - Solna, Sweden
Offers high-performance, single- and multiline lasers, nanosecond pulsed lasers, CW tunable lasers, femtosecond lasers, fiber amplifiers, and laser combiners.
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5 products
Power Technology Inc.
Power Technology Inc. - Alexander, AR
Since 1969, Power Technology, Inc. has innovated in laser technology, offering modules for diverse fields like semiconductor manufacturing, biomedical, industrial, and defense. From laser diode modules with 261 to 13,900 nm wavelengths to advanced HeNe power supplies, PTI excels in custom design and manufacturing for tailored applications.
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Automated Precision Inc. (API) - Rockville, MD
Evolase Oy - Ruokolahti, Finland
IDEX Health & Science - Melles Griot, Light Sources Group - Carlsbad, CA
Insight Photonic Solutions Inc. - Lafayette, CO
Interferometric Optics - Jonesborough, TN
Keyence Corp. of America - Itasca, IL
Laser Technology Inc. - Norristown, PA
Mahr Inc. - Providence, RI
Metrology Concepts - Rochester, NY
Nanobase Inc. - Seoul, South Korea
Optical Measurement Systems Corp. - Laguna Hills, CA
OROS Inc., Measuring Noise & Vibration - Grand Rapids, MI
Oxxius SA - Lannion, France
Pacific Lasertec LLC - San Marcos, CA
Polytec Ltd. - Coventry, United Kingdom
SIOS Messtechnik GmbH - Ilmenau, Germany
Spectra Insight LLC - Seattle, WA
XONOX Technology Inc. - Fairport, NY
  • wavefront A wavefront refers to the continuous surface or boundary representing points in a wave that are in phase, meaning they have the same phase or position in their respective cycles. In simpler terms, it's the front edge of a wave as it propagates...
  • surface profile A representation of the shape of a surface, including any roughness or other irregularities. The profile can be generated by direct measurements, as by a stylus, or by remote measurement, as by an interferometer.
  • laser interferometer An interferometer that uses a laser as its light source. The purely monochromatic nature of the laser results in improved efficiency and overall performance.
  • interferometry The study and utilization of interference phenomena, based on the wave properties of light.
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