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Laser Systems

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Lumispot Tech
Lumispot Tech - Wuxi, China
Specializes in laser information application fields. Products cover semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, solid-state lasers and related laser application systems. Offers customized products and production services.
32 products
BWT Ltd.
BWT Ltd. - Beijing, China
BWT is a manufacturer that focuses on diode lasers and integrates development, manufacturing, research, and marketing. BWT has the ability to provide fiber coupled diode laser modules in various powers, wavelengths, and packages. ISO 9001:2015.
10 products
Focuslight Technologies Inc.
Focuslight Technologies Inc. - Xi'an, China
Develops and manufactures high-power diode laser components and materials (photon generation), laser optics (photon control), photonic application modules, assemblies, and subsystems (photonics application solutions) with a focus on automotive, pan-semiconductor, and medical and health application solutions.
10 products
ASMPT AMICRA - Singapore, Singapore
Beijing RealLight Technology Co. Ltd. - Beijing, China
Elite Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. - Xi'an, China
FEELTEK Laser Technology Co. Ltd. - Suzhou, China
Foshan Beyond Laser Technology - Foshan, China
Huanic Corp. - Xi'an, China
iKier - Shenzhen, China
Japan Laser Corp. - Tokyo, Japan
Kimmon Koha Co. Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan
Lasence Inc. - Qingdao, China
LASTRONICS Technology Pvt. Ltd. - Ahmedabad, India
LT-PYRKAL - Yerevan, Armenia
Microvec Pte. Ltd. - Singapore, Singapore
Nanobase Inc. - Seoul, South Korea
Opto System Co. Ltd. - Kyoto, Japan
Optosky Photonics Inc., Spectroscopy Solution - Xiamen, China
Savitra Solutions, Laser Products Div. - Pune, India
Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T Co. Ltd. - Shenzhen, China
SIMTRUM Pte. Ltd. - Singapore, Singapore
Spectra Quest Lab Inc. - Chiba, Japan
Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt. Ltd. - Pune, India
Suzhou Delphi Laser Co. Ltd. - Suzhou, China
Suzhou Everbright Photonics Co Ltd - Suzhou, China
Technospex Pte. Ltd. - Singapore, Singapore
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