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Laser Systems

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IPG Photonics Corporation
IPG Photonics Corporation - Oxford, MA
Specializes in high-performance fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers operating over a wide range of wavelengths and output powers. Applications include materials processing, telecommunications, and scientific research.
1 product
Innovative Photonic Solutions
Innovative Photonic Solutions - Plainsboro, NJ
Development and manufacture of ultrastable semiconductor light sources, lasers, and systems. Specializes in single-frequency lasers for fiber laser seeding/pumping, frequency doubling, confocal microscopy, and Raman spectroscopy. Specialist in high power multimode and ultranarrow single-mode lasers.
1 product
ProPhotonix Ltd.
ProPhotonix Ltd. - Boston, MA
Produces laser modules and distributes laser diodes from manufacturers for industrial OEMs, medical, and defense markets. Designs and manufactures LED lights for machine vision, industrial, security, and medical markets.
10 products
Zygo Corporation
Zygo Corporation - Middlefield, CT
Specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced optical metrology instruments and systems, ultraprecise optical components and assemblies, and providing electro-optical design and manufacturing services.
9 products
B&W Tek LLC - Plainsboro, NJ
Expertise in photonic laser, spectrometer, and chemometric technologies producing mobile spectroscopy and laser instrumentation. Mobile spectroscopy business includes a full line of portable Raman and hand-held Raman systems, building block spectrometer and laser components for system integrators, and customized solutions.
11 products
Excelitas Technologies Corp.
Excelitas Technologies Corp. - Waltham, MA
Excelitas Technologies Corp. is an industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions to meet the illumination, optical, optronic, sensing, detection and imaging needs of our OEM and end-user customers.
5 products
Kentek Corporation
Kentek Corporation - Boscawen, NH
Established in 1983, Kentek Corporation has served thousands of laser users in more than 60 countries around the world. Kentek has the most comprehensive laser safety products and services including eyewear, barriers and curtains, viewing windows, beam control, beam evaluation, training and consulting for all laser users in any environment.
9 products
Acu-Gage Systems - Hudson, NH
Advanced Photonic Sciences LLC - Friendsville, PA
Bauer Associates Inc. - Natick, MA
Bid Service LLC - Freehold, NJ
Bold Laser Automation Inc. - Bedford, NH
Brinkman Precision Inc. - West Henrietta, NY
Cadence Inc. - Suffield, CT
Ciencia Inc. - Mansfield Center, CT
Coherent Corp. - Saxonburg, PA
Convergent Dental - Waltham, MA
Dark Field Technologies Inc. - Shelton, CT
DDC Technologies Inc. - Oceanside, NY
ECM - Global Measurement Solutions - Topsfield, MA
FINETECH - Amherst, NH
Fundamental Optical Solutions LLC - Boston, MA
Haas Laser Technologies Inc. - Flanders, NJ
Hamar Laser Instruments Inc. - Danbury, CT
Hamilton Thorne Inc. - Beverly, MA
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence - North Kingstown, RI
ImageXpert LLC - Nashua, NH
Isotech Inc. - Hatfield, PA
ISTECH Inc. - Dover, PA
JBV Optical Co. - Sturbridge, MA
O. J. Jones Associates LLC - Coopersburg, PA
Kessler Optics & Photonics Solutions Ltd. - Rochester, NY
Kugler of America Ltd. - Enfield, CT
Laser Americas LLC - Franklin, MA
Laser S.O.S. USA Inc. - Holden, MA
Laser Solutions Inc. - Basking Ridge, NJ
Laser Technology Inc. - Norristown, PA
LaserStar Technologies Corp. - Warwick, RI
LightGage Inc. - Wayland, NY
LNA Laser Technology - Pawtucket, RI
Louis Capet XXVI - Philadelphia, PA
Lumetrics - Rochester, NY
Mahr Inc. - Providence, RI
MECCO - Cranberry Township, PA
Metrology Concepts - Rochester, NY
Mokon - Buffalo, NY
Odhner Holographics Inc. - Milford, NH
OGP (Optical Gaging Products) - Rochester, NY
Oxford Lasers Inc. - Shirley, MA
Pannier Corp., Marking Systems Group - Pittsburgh, PA

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