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Lumispot Tech
Lumispot Tech - Wuxi, China
Specializes in laser information application fields. Products cover semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, solid-state lasers and related laser application systems. Offers customized products and production services.
32 products
CSRayzer Optical Technology Co. Ltd.
CSRayzer Optical Technology Co. Ltd. - Wuhan, China
Optical devices supplier and manufacturer of acousto-optic modulators, acousto-optic frequency shifter, avalanche photodiodes, fiber coil and ASE source, couplers, isolator, circulator, FRM, WDM, narrow linewidth laser diode, semiconductor optical amplifier, EDFA, used for for fiber laser, sensor systems, and FOG.
16 products
BWT Ltd.
BWT Ltd. - Beijing, China
BWT is a manufacturer that focuses on diode lasers and integrates development, manufacturing, research, and marketing. BWT has the ability to provide fiber coupled diode laser modules in various powers, wavelengths, and packages. ISO 9001:2015.
10 products
Focuslight Technologies Inc.
Focuslight Technologies Inc. - Xi'an, China
Develops and manufactures high-power diode laser components and materials (photon generation), laser optics (photon control), photonic application modules, assemblies, and subsystems (photonics application solutions) with a focus on automotive, pan-semiconductor, and medical and health application solutions.
10 products
DK Photonics Technology Limited
DK Photonics Technology Limited - Shenzhen, China
Manufacturer of high quality optical passive components. DK Photonics produces a large array of fiber optic components such as 1064 nm high power isolator, MM pump combiner, pump laser protector, used for high power fiber laser applications. Also offers PM fiber pump combiner for ultrafast fiber laser applications.
4 products
AccuLasers - Suzhou, China
Alnair Labs Corp. - Tokyo, Japan
Amonics Ltd. - Kowloon, China
AOG Crystal Technology Co. Ltd. - Xiamen, China
AOG Sapphire Optics Co. Ltd. - Sanming, China
AOTK Laser Inc. - Xiamen, China
AtGrating Technologies Co. Ltd. - Shenzhen, China
Beijing RealLight Technology Co. Ltd. - Beijing, China
Beijing Rofea Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. - Beijing, China
Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd. - Changchun, China
Coset Inc. - Gwangju, South Korea
DenseLight Semiconductors Pte. Ltd. - Singapore, Singapore
DIGCO Inc. - Chengdu, China
DoGain Laser Technology (SuZhou) Co. Ltd. - Suzhou, China
Elite Advanced Laser Corp. (eLaser) - New Taipei City, Taiwan
FIBERPRO Inc. - Daejeon, South Korea
Hitronics Technologies Inc. - Fuzhou, China
Huaray Precision Laser Co. Ltd. - Wuhan, China
iKier - Shenzhen, China
J and J Precision Parts Co. Ltd. - Suzhou, China
Japan Laser Corp. - Tokyo, Japan
Jwalin Laser Tech Pvt. Ltd. - Surat, India
Kimmon Koha Co. Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan
Koshin Kogaku Co. Ltd. - Hadano, Japan
Lasence Inc. - Qingdao, China
Microvec Pte. Ltd. - Singapore, Singapore
MOORI Technologies Co. - Seongnam, South Korea
Nanjing Crylink Photonics Co. Ltd. - Shanghai, China
Nichia Corp. - Anan, Japan
Opto Science Inc. - Tokyo, Japan
Optoway Technology Inc. - Hsinchu, Taiwan
Oriental-Laser (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. - Beijing, China
Oxide Corp. - Hokuto, Japan
QD Laser Inc., Laser Device Div. - Kawasaki, Japan
Quarton Inc. - New Taipei City, Taiwan
RayIR Co. Ltd. - Suwon, South Korea
Santec Corp. - Komaki, Japan
Savitra Solutions, Laser Products Div. - Pune, India
Shenzhen Gongda Laser Co. Ltd. - Shenzhen, China
Spectra Quest Lab Inc. - Chiba, Japan
Toptical Scientific Corp. - Taipei, Taiwan
Union Optronics Corp. - Taoyuan, Taiwan
V-Ray Optronics Co. Ltd. - Xi'an, China
VoyaWave Optics Technology Co. Ltd. - Shenzhen, China
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