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Optikos Corporation
Optikos Corporation - Wakefield, MA
The Optical Engineering Experts - Optikos offers a distinctive set of products and services for optical problem solving: select standard or custom products for testing optics at your facility; send us your optical systems for IQ Lab testing services; or work with our engineers on optically-based product development from concept through manufacturing.
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3 products
G&H StingRay, Optical Systems - Keene, NH
Innovation Photonics - Verona, NJ
Lombardo Technical Services (LTS) - Santa Barbara, CA
  • collimator An optical instrument consisting of a well- corrected objective lens or mirror with a light source and or object/image (i.e. illuminated slit or retical) at its focal plane. Collimators are used to calibrate and align optical devices and elements,...
  • lens testing equipment Lens testing equipment refers to a range of specialized tools and instruments used to evaluate the optical performance, quality, and characteristics of lenses. These instruments are essential for ensuring that lenses meet specific standards,...
  • reflective coating Thin-film coating, single or multilayer, that is applied to a substrate to increase its reflectance over a specified range of wavelengths. Metal film, transparent or opaque, is the oldest form of reflective coating.
  • focal length The focal length of a lens is the distance between the lens's optical center (or principal point) and the image sensor or film when the lens is focused at infinity. In simple terms, it is the distance from the lens to the point where parallel rays...
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