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A photocathode is an electrode used to release photoelectric emission when irradiated, making it then the irradiated negative electrode of a phototube.

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Lebow Co. - Goleta, CA
Luxel Corp. - Friday Harbor, WA
  • photocathodes Photocathodes are specialized materials or surfaces that exhibit the photoelectric effect, wherein the absorption of photons leads to the emission of electrons. When photons with sufficient energy strike a photocathode, they transfer energy to the...
  • phototube An electron tube having a photocathode for the emission of a photoelectric current.
  • photoelectric effect The emission of an electron from a surface that occurs when a photon impinges upon the surface and is absorbed. This effect is the means by which photons may be detected.
  • cathode A cathode is an electrode through which electric current flows out of a polarized electrical device. In different contexts, the specific role and behavior of the cathode can vary, but it generally serves as the site for reduction reactions (gain of...
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