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Elliptical, Parabolic and Dichroic Coated Beam Reflectors

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Hawkeye Technologies Inc. - Coventry, RI
  • paraboloidal mirror A concave mirror that has the form of a paraboloid of revolution. The paraboloidal mirror may have only a portion of a paraboloidal surface through which the axis does not pass, and is known as an off-axis paraboloidal mirror. In essence, an...
  • dichroic Exhibiting the quality of dichroism.
  • dichroic mirror A dichroic mirror, also known as a dichroic beamsplitter or interference filter beamsplitter, is an optical device that selectively reflects or transmits light based on its wavelength. Dichroic mirrors are designed to separate different colors of...
  • reflector A type of conducting surface or material used to reflect radiant energy.
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